Empowering The Ultra-Orthodox Economy

Founded in 2015 by the Israeli-British philanthropist Marc Schimmel and Israeli impact entrepreneur Motti Eichler, Achim Global is a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering the ultra-orthodox economy in Israel by providing them with the opportunities, skills, knowledge, and resources needed to succeed in business. Through their programs, which take place at 2 business centres in Israel, in Jerusalem and Bnei berak, they have helped hundreds of individuals start and grow their own businesses and provided the community with thousands of hours of training and education programs.

They have seen a substantial increase in the number of ultra-orthodox run businesses and their work has had a significant impact on the economic self-sufficiency of this community.

Run by Achim, Bizlabs is an accelerator program that assists tech startups with ultra-orthodox founders. Through the program, entrepreneurs receive mentorship, business training, and networking opportunities to help them grow. They also receive access to various investor panels and have the opportunity to meet with many market leaders. By supporting these start-ups in the tech industry, Achim Global is helping to promote innovation and entrepreneurship within the ultra-orthodox community while also contributing to the growth of the Israeli tech industry.

Earlier this year a group of 20 start-ups from the Bizlabs programme came on a 3-day roadshow to London where they presented their ideas to a group of 100 investors, VC firms and businesspeople. They also took part in the ‘Mind The Tech’ Calcalist conference. Bizlabs provided them with the opportunity to join this event without compromising on their religious standards in any way. They met up with mentors, investors, and philanthropists from all over the world and were able to do so with confidence that they wouldn’t feel the need to jeopardise their beliefs and ideals.

In addition, Achim Global provides mentorship and guidance to those starting or growing a business and fosters a supportive network of startup founders and entrepreneurs. They believe that by providing a solid support system and community, they can help individuals overcome the unique challenges they face.

Achim is also involved in many different initiatives that support ultra-orthodox business development and promote the successes and contributions of these ventures to the broader population. By doing so and raising awareness of the potential of ultra-orthodox-run companies, they are helping change the narrative around this sector and their contributions to Israeli society.

As the Israeli tech industry continues to grow, the efforts of Achim Global are critical in ensuring that the ultra-orthodox community can actively participate in and benefit from it to the maximum.