Meet Fayre – This Year’s TechRound100 Sponsors

The whole team at TechRound is thrilled to announce our partnership with Fayre, for this year’s TechRound100. This year’s proud sponsor for the TechRound100, Fayre are the NFT club for creators, brands, and fans. Fayre is not only a multichain NFT marketplace but also a platform where brands can communicate and engage with their NFT holders and can create and manage NFT memberships, with as little as 0% transaction. fees for members.

Fayre is a NFT club for creators, brands and fans. Fayre is not only a multichain NFT marketplace but also a platform where brands can communicate and engage with their NFT holders and can create and manage NFT memberships. Fayre membership is obtained through holding $FAYRE tokens or purchasing FayreCard NFTs. Membership reduces transaction fees to 0% and members can vote and get other benefits. One of the unique features of Fayre is the brand dashboard, which allows brands and artists to create high volume NFT drops for fans and manage the fan community. Brands can communicate, offer exclusive experiences in real life and the metaverse. Brand engagement is made easier on Web3 by Fayre.

Fayre is the seamless pathway to the next 10 million NFT owners and this starts with brands and their existing fans. Fayre will make it easier for brands to leverage NFTs as an engagement vehicle and easier for fans to own NFTs. We spoke to Luis Carranza, Founder of Fayre Labs to find out more about Fayre as well as himself and the man behind the business.

If You Were To Introduce Yourself In One Paragraph Or Less, How Would That Read Or Look?

Some people create trends and others can spot them and take action. I fall into the latter category, but as an entrepreneur, the dream is to help shape the direction of a new industry. I have an inherent drive to create positive change. I’m an entrepreneur and a dad, both require endurance patience and hard work and both are rewarding. Neither is driven by a traditional drive to succeed, but by a desire to always improve and enjoy the journey.

If You Were To Describe Yourself In One Sentence, What Would That Look Like?

An unassuming person always up to something interesting.

What Would You Consider To Be Your Biggest Success So Far?

Starting a family and beginning to build a legacy for children.

What Is Your Greatest Passion?

I have a passion for creating. It could be a beat on Fruity Loops, a design for digital shoes or a new venture. Materializing ideas is exciting.

How Did You Become Involved With Crypto And Blockchain?

I learned about it 2012 and starting looking into payment innovation for clients in 2013. In 2014 I launched London Fintech Week which included crypto elements and soon after started running 12-18 crypto events per year. You get to learn a lot when you offer a stage to brilliant minds and provide networking for early adopters. I feels great to be on the contribution side rather than being a facilitator for the sector.

What Is Your Most Memorable Moment In The Space?

While launching Innovate Finance, the industry body for Fintech in the UK, we had a chance to create a PR opportunity with the Chancellor of Exchequer at the time, George Osborne. We created a photo opportunity for the Chancellor to make a Bitcoin ATM withdraw. There were issues with the Machine and we had to call the manufacturer about a firmware issue that needed to be resolved. With less than 5 minutes before the scheduled photo, we got everything working smoothly.


Why Are You Now Involved In NFTs And What Does The Future Hold For This Asset Class In Your Opinion?

NFTs represent a real opportunity for brands and there are countless use cases that haven’t been explored yet. As the world wakes up to the possibilities, we want to be ready and help drive innovation, adoption and new uses. The future of brand engagement, loyalty and engagement is intertwined with NFTs, metaverse and Web3. It’s going to be an interesting time.

What Are Your Short Term And Medium Term Goals?

In the short term we are focused on launching Fayre, our NFT market with an emphasis on brand drops and community engagement. We have a lot of work to do to make this happen. In the medium term we want to help bring on board the next 10 million NFT owners.

Where Do You See Yourself In 5 To 10 Years?

Working on the next evolution of engagement and entertainment.

What Is The Most Bizarre Thing People Have Asked You About Cryptocurrency?

The same thing that they told me about mobile phones in the mid-nineties. That it’s for criminals and drug dealers.

Tell us About Your Most Memorable Moment as an Entrepreneur in the Blockchain Space?

If you told 2012 me that I might one buy a jpg for a stupid price, I would think you were on something. And while it’s not crazy to people in the space, it’s still odd even though NFTs are more than just Jpgs.

What Is The Most Amazing Thing You Believe Blockchain Can Do?

Create jobs. Play to earn is allowing people to earn a living and create jobs in places that need them. This is only the beginning.

How Important Will Be The Metaverse In Our Daily Lives And How Long Before This Reaches Mass Adoption?

It’s just a different way to engage with the digital world, so you can think of it similar to internet adoption or mobile adoption. It will be everywhere soon, very soon.

What Is The Most Amazing Thing You See Humans Doing From Within The Metaverse?

The fact that so many are there is amazing. Avatars are wearing cloths walking around and connecting like it’s normal, and it is now.

Joiin the marketplace revolution and be a part of the next 10 million NFT owners on Fayre.