First Heatwave Of 2024: Gadgets And Startups Helping You Beat The Heat

The UK is expected to experience a heatwave in the upcoming days, with temperatures rising above 20C. This marks the first official heatwave of 2024. This change in weather patterns is a welcome relief for many.

As temperatures rise, innovative gadgets and startups are offering solutions to help people beat the heat. These technologies not only provide comfort but also contribute to energy efficiency, which aligns with sustainable living practices.

Startup entrepreneurs also stepping up to address the challenges posed by rising temperatures. There is a ripe market for solutions to combat the heat, from services offering on-demand ice cream delivery to companies developing wearable cooling attire.


The UK’s First Heat Wave Of 2024


The UK is preparing for its first official heatwave of 2024, with temperatures expected to rise above 20C. James Madden from Exacta Weather predicts warm to hot southerly winds from late April to early May, indicating a string of warmer days.

Looking ahead from May 6 to May 20, the Met Office anticipates warmer temperatures overall, with some chance of cooler breaks. The forecast suggests a possible divide between north and south, with drier conditions up north and more rain in the south.

Expectations of warmer weather are highly anticipated, however, environmental concerns have been raised, such as the potential for increased water pollution and habitat damage due to the warmer temperatures.


Gadgets Helping People Stay Cool


Fortunately, there are devices readily available to combat the summer heat, ensuring relief during sweltering days. With these handy gadgets, staying cool and comfortable becomes effortless even in the hottest temperatures.


Handheld Mini Fans:

A handheld mini fan provides instant relief from summer heat by generating a cool breeze wherever you go. Compact and portable, it’s perfect for outdoor activities and commuting, ensuring comfort on hot days.


Wearable Fans:

Cooling neck fans and neck tubes offer portable solutions to beat the summer heat. By circulating air around the neck area, they help regulate body temperature and provide instant relief from hot weather. These devices are lightweight, convenient, and ideal for outdoor activities.


Reusable Cooling Towels:

Reusable cooling towels offer a practical solution to beat the summer heat. Made from lightweight and absorbent materials, they provide instant cooling when activated with water. Simply wet, wring, and drape over the skin to refresh, making outdoor activities more comfortable.


Cooling Hats:

Cooling caps or hats use special materials or built-in ice packs to keep your head cool in hot weather. They provide shade and help regulate body temperature, making outdoor activities more comfortable during the summer heat.


Portable Air Conditioners:

Portable air conditioners offer convenient cooling relief during hot summer days. They provide instant comfort without the need for permanent installation, making them perfect for apartments or rooms lacking central air conditioning. Easy to move and operate, they ensure a cool and comfortable indoor environment.


Startups Keeping The Heat At Bay


Thankfully, there are now startups emerging with innovative solutions to combat the intense summer heat. These businesses offer a range of cooling products and technologies that can help people stay comfortable during warm weather.


Techniche UK




Techniche UK specialises in smart clothing designed to combat heat stress and maintain the body’s natural thermoregulation. Their StayQool suits, soaked in water before use, can cool wearers by up to 14 degrees Celsius.

They offer a range of products, including cooling vests and hand warmers, with options for custom fabric orders catering to various industries.







Climachill, a family-owned business, specialises in air conditioning solutions, serving Sussex & the South East since 2003. They offer installed systems for commercial and residential properties and portable units nationwide.

With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Climachill ensures homes and businesses stay cool and comfortable even in the warmest weather conditions.


Cross Rental Services

Cross Rental Services

Cross Rental Services is a leading provider of heating, cooling, and air purification solutions across the UK. With nationwide delivery and installation within 24 hours, they offer portable air conditioning units to keep users cool during warming weather.

Their range includes exhaust tube, split type, and evaporative air conditioners, catering to various sectors with 24/7 support and fast delivery.






Though not a startup, BERTSCHAT offers a diverse range of cooling products, including vests, hats, and bedding, designed to combat rising temperatures. Their Phase Change Material cooling vests provide adjustable cooling, while the innovative cooling cap offers relief with a simple water activation. With a focus on quality and customer service, BERTSCHAT ensures a refreshing solution for all cooling needs.


Remeo Gelato


Remeo Gelato brings the pleasure of authentic Italian gelato and sorbetto to the UK, using 100% natural ingredients with no artificial additives.

Their gelato is made with a slow churn process, resulting in a smoother texture and lower fat content than traditional ice cream. They’re also committed to sustainability, using 100% recycled plastic for their jars and plant-based sugarcane plastic for lids.





Crosstown offers artisanal ice cream crafted in small batches, delivering unbeatable flavours and creamy richness.

Their ice cream, available for same-day delivery or collection in London stores, provides a refreshing treat during warm weather.

With a focus on quality ingredients and traditional techniques, Crosstown ensures every scoop is a luxurious indulgence.