GoGram | Next Generation Instagram Automation Platform and Prospect Finder Tool

I have been working in Digital Marketing for the past five years with a big focus on content and social marketing. Working with brands built to have my attention always on Instagram since the early days of the social network. I remember time when I was not being able to include URL’s in business posts or comments, but overall it has been growing in size and consumers love it! It is clear to state that you have to be active there as a business or marketer to maximise your Sales and Marketing activities.

Over the years I have used a lot of software’s and services to grow my Instagram performance and recently came across an offer for a free trial on GoGram. They offered me 7 days for free, so I thought to give it a try. Their website lists all of the features and useful triggers and analytics, which can help professional marketers to optimize their work.

After giving this software a thorough workout for the past several months I wanted to share with you all some reasons why I continue to use it to this day, long after my free trial expired. Yes, I pay for this software every month and I get tons of useful modules like Automated DMs, Autoposting, Messenger but those are my favourite features of GoGram.


If I told you that GoGram actually gets smarter the longer you use it would you think I was crazy? Well, it does! This is where the artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play with this Instagram follower software. The AI helps it to learn what works best in terms of delivering your account results and adapts in order to fine tune everything. You can see why AI is the way of the future after watching this software in action.


2. Diverse targeting and filtering options

What really kept me using GoGram is the fact that all followers who are coming to our accounts were actually really engaged and interested in our products/services. There is no sense filling your account with random followers that will not benefit your business. You can really put your profile in front of interested users with dozens of filters and targeted options you can set in your dashboard.


3. MANUAL RESULTS BUT With a F1 speed.

So, the human-like interaction is great because it keeps your account safe. But what about speed? If it were human-like also you would just do it manually, but GoGram is able to leverage AI to maintain the safety while delivering the actions at 150 times that of a human. This is impressive and why the Instagram growth is fast and nothing you could duplicate on your own.


4. Analytics – get deep insights of your performance

That is my personal favourite part of GoGram, as it allows me to pitch new clients and provide them with actual growth charts, engagement and conversion rates. The dashboard of GoGram has all of the information you would want to view, and the analytics are displayed in real-time. You can watch your follower growth on the dashboard and how and where they are coming from. It’s a nice feature not offered elsewhere.



GoGram is coming at $19.99 per month which I think is NOTHING for what businesses, bloggers, SMEs and freelancers can get out of it! Since we launched GoGram we have tripled our Instagram Conversion rates and got the software cost back in less than a week!


If you are seeking safe and organic Instagram growth with diverse features and deep analytics which can help you grow your audience and convert more followers into clients, then GoGram is a piece of software that you need to check out. It delivers exactly what it promises, and the results it’s able to deliver on my point of view have been very targeted and keep growing.

As the GoGrams’ AI continues to learn my account behaviour, and the results I am able to track show a continuous growth chart – I will continue to use it. It’s hard to argue against results, both in terms of followers engagement and conversion growth.