8. Hadil Mosa, Marketing Specialist at WOLF

Company: WOLF

Website: https://company.wolf.live


About Hadil & WOLF

Hadil has worked with WOLF for three years. WOLF is a social audio app which builds vibrant audio communities through live entertainment. performances, and chat. As a UK tech company operating its business in the Middle East region, WOLF believes passionately in the advancement, celebration and empowerment of women.

Hadil joined as a marketing specialist and is based in the MENA region, where gender equality remains a challenge. Hadil believes that despite those challenges, women from the Middle East can still find a way of reaching their ambitions. For Hadil, technology has helped her to in so many ways to do that. She says working in technology has been enriching and fun, and working in such a diverse environment helps her to continually learn and use her creativity.

This International Women’s Day, WOLF is launching a women’s only festival within the app to put the spotlight on MENA women and celebrate the contribution that women in the region can make and

Hadil has been an integral part of making that happen. There are many inspirational women behind the business.

Overall, WOLF employs more women than men in its Middle East operations – something the team is very proud of given that less than 10% of the Middle East’s tech workforce is female.


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