How Charities Can Leverage Social Media To Turn Followers Into Donors

BBC recently reported on the story of Seren Jaye, a 20-year-old content creator from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Seren has been using social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube to raise awareness about Tourette’s Syndrome. Seren, who is known as ‘Otters Have Pockets’ online, decided to share her experiences living with Tourette’s after being encouraged by her friends. Her YouTube channel has almost 2,500 subscribers, where she documents her daily life and educates others about the condition.

This initiative reflects a growing trend of individuals leveraging social media to increase awareness and understanding of various health issues. People are increasingly turning to social media platforms to garner support for charities and initiatives, leveraging the wide reach and engagement potential of these platforms to make a positive impact.


How Social Media Can Be Leveraged To Drive Awareness


Social media has become a crucial tool for generating support for social initiatives and charitable causes. With its extensive reach and interactive features, social platforms are an effective way to amplify messages and drive communities towards constructive action. More and more people are realising the potential of social media to drive positive change, using its power to raise awareness, inspire participation, and bring about tangible benefits for society. Let’s dive into some tactics:


Viral Campaigns:

Recall the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? This online sensation, which swept across social media in 2014, exemplified the power of viral campaigns in raising awareness and funds for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Its widespread participation and immense donations showcased the potential of social media to drive change.



At the heart of social media lies the art of storytelling. Charities can effectively convey their mission and impact through authentic narratives, be it heartfelt beneficiary testimonials, inspiring volunteer journeys, or behind-the-scenes glimpses into their work. These personal stories resonate deeply with audiences, spurring them into action.


Influencer Partnerships:

Collaborating with influential figures relevant to their cause can exponentially expand a charity’s reach. By enlisting influencers to champion their campaigns, share personal anecdotes, and mobilise their followers, charities can tap into new audiences and drive contributions or volunteer engagement.


Live Fundraising Events:

Platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram Live offer dynamic avenues for hosting real-time fundraising events. Charities can leverage these platforms to conduct live interviews, showcase their initiatives in action, and directly engage with potential donors, fostering transparency and trust.


Hashtag Campaigns:

Crafting a distinctive hashtag enables charities to foster community engagement and amplify their message. By encouraging users to participate, share content, and contribute to the conversation, hashtag campaigns can ignite meaningful dialogue, spur user-generated content, and sustain momentum over time.


Startups Dedicated To Helping Charities


There are many startups that are committed to supporting charities and helping them achieve their goals. These companies offer innovative solutions and platforms that are tailored to the unique needs of charitable organisations.

By streamlining fundraising efforts and maximising donor engagement, these startups empower charities to make a greater impact on their beneficiaries. Through their dedication and creativity, they significantly contribute to the advancement of philanthropic causes and the betterment of society as a whole.


Reach Volunteering

Reach Volunteering

Reach Volunteering connects individuals, skills, and charitable causes, facilitating impactful partnerships. Users can volunteer, recruit trustees, or find volunteers, fostering collaboration within the community. With a straightforward process, users join, explore opportunities, find suitable matches, and make a difference.

Their platform boosts charity effectiveness, with 93% reporting improvements through Reach volunteers. Through practical guides and diverse opportunities, they empower charities to thrive.





Enthuse provides digital solutions for charities, empowering them to streamline fundraising efforts and maximise donor engagement. Through their platform, charities can easily create branded donation pages, manage fundraising campaigns, and organise events seamlessly.

By putting charities front and centre, Enthuse enhances their visibility and control over supporter relationships, ultimately helping them make a greater impact on their beneficiaries.


Change Donations

Change Donations
Change Donations simplifies the process of donating pre-loved items, aiding charities and reducing waste. Users can easily locate over 7500 donation bins and thrift stores, contributing to community-driven efforts.

By providing guidance and community-driven insights, Change Donations facilitates informed decisions, ensuring donated items reach those in need efficiently. Together, users make a positive impact by transforming unwanted items into opportunities for others and minimising environmental impact.



MiniDeed is a social media platform with a purpose, allowing users to donate small amounts instead of simply ‘liking’ content. With donations starting from just 1p, users can create posts to fundraise for causes they care about and make a real difference.

By partnering with ethical charities and prioritising transparency and privacy, MiniDeed reshapes social media for good, empowering users to support meaningful causes while maintaining integrity.



GiveWheel is a multi-charity fundraising platform for individuals, teams, and companies, offering free fundraising with 0% platform fees. Users can support an unlimited number of charities in a single event, with customisable donation splits.

With features like Gift Aid, automatic QR codes, and Strava integration, GiveWheel empowers users to make a real impact. By facilitating fundraising efforts, GiveWheel helps charities receive more donations, advancing their vital work in the community.