How UK Startups Can Find the Right Interns

With the rise of remote work, startups in the UK (and worldwide for that matter) have been presented with a golden opportunity to access a diverse pool of global talent without the constraints of geographical boundaries.

Embracing remote internships not only allows startup founders to tap into a wide range of skills and expertise but also reduces overhead costs significantly, a key priority during the early stages. Here, we will guide UK-based startup founders on how to effectively find and hire the right remote interns to drive their companies forward.

Understanding Your Needs

Before diving into the hiring process, it’s crucial to identify your company’s specific needs. Clearly outline the skills and qualifications required for the intern role, the projects they will be working on, and the level of guidance and supervision they can expect.

Having a clear understanding of these requirements will help attract candidates who are genuinely interested in contributing to the startup’s success, and in turn, you’ll be clear on what you expect to achieve from hiring a remote intern.

Sourcing Remote Interns

As a startup founder, you could turn to online job boards like Indeed, social platforms like LinkedIn, and alternatively, dedicated remote work platforms like Another avenue to access fresh diverse talent is university career services, where employers can be connected with eager students looking for hands-on experience. However, when it comes to crafting job ads, sifting through CVs, navigating interview schedules, and dealing with several platforms, finding the perfect candidate for your internship project can feel very resource-heavy.

That’s where Virtual Internships come in. As the leading platform for hiring remote interns, we intelligently match companies with ambitious, diverse interns from top universities all over the world, at no cost to your company.

Assessing Remote Readiness

Hiring remote interns requires individuals who possess specific traits to thrive in a remote work environment. Self-motivation is crucial, as they won’t have a physical office setting to keep them on track. Strong communication skills are essential for effective virtual collaboration, and time management is vital to meet deadlines without constant supervision.

During the interview process, founders can gauge these traits through behavioural questions or practical assignments to identify candidates who can excel in a remote setting. Alternatively, with Virtual Internships, all of our interns are assessed for growth mindset on sign-up and fully supported by coaching and a curriculum during their internship to ensure these power skills are prevalent throughout their internship.

Onboarding and Training

A robust onboarding process is key to setting remote interns up for success. Providing them with the necessary tools and resources to understand their responsibilities and the company culture is vital. You should make sure to utilise video conferencing and collaboration tools to facilitate communication and team bonding and encourage regular check-ins and feedback sessions to ensure the intern feels supported and integrated into the team. With Virtual Internships, these elements are built into our program in an easy-to-manage format so companies can provide regular feedback to interns and assess their progress.

Find The Right Interns For Your Startup With Virtual Internships

Remote interns hold immense potential for early-stage startup founders in the UK. Embracing remote internships allows you to access a diverse talent pool, enriching the team with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Virtual Internships make the entire process of finding, hiring, and managing remote interns seamless for companies like yours. With stipends fully covered, as a company, you only need to think about what you’re looking to achieve project-wise from hiring a remote intern. You’ll be matched with candidates that fit the skills and competencies you’re looking for and the entire process can be effortlessly managed through our all-in-one platform.

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