ImperialAI Unveils Unique Personalised Pet Art Technology

Introducing ImperialAI, the breakthrough start-up shaking up the PetTech sector and gifting world with its revolutionary AI Draw Pet Art Generation platform. Launched at the start of 2023, and having recently completed their first fund raise, they are looking to make a splash in the pet world.

The platform instantly stands out in the AI pet art arena, turning pet owners’ cherished photographs into mesmerising art pieces and personalised memorabilia to share, or gift to friends and family.

Ling Li, CEO and founder of Imperial AI, expressed his excitement and enthusiasm for the launch: “With ImperialAI we are looking at innovative ways of using generative AI in the PetTech space, being able to create new products that are personalised at a very individual level. We’re excited to be making AI accessible to all, giving pet owners a way to create their own pet masterpieces.”

Given the soaring love for pets, with over 60% of the UK population owning one, the market response has been overwhelming. Following a successful demonstration at the prestigious 2023 Crufts at NEC, UK and the massive show SuperZoo in Las Vegas, AI Draw has stamped its authority on AI-art conversion platforms.

With AI Draw, users get to transform their pet photos into an array of stunning styles in just 15 minutes. Whether your taste leans toward a timeless classic or a vibrant modern art, AI Draw can deliver.

Black and white? Done. Vibrant colours? You got it. Their style packs are tailored to fit the most sought-after aesthetics in today’s market.

But what sets AI Draw apart? Its uniqueness stems from its ability to train its AI model using several images, offering:

  • Distinctive art styles
  • Crisper, higher-definition images
  • Amazing resemblance to the original, but also keeping that artistic edge to make it unique
  • Versatility in artwork poses – no restrictions

Whether you’re a pet enthusiast or seeking the perfect gift for a pet-loving friend, AI Draw promises:

  • Elegant Van Gogh-inspired framed pieces
  • Vivid collage canvas prints
  • Customised birthday cards
  • And countless other bespoke memorabilia pieces

And that’s not all! Coming soon are new features that allow single image learning and an enhanced human portrait version, setting new benchmarks in the AI-art ecosystem.

Don’t just take our word for it. One happy user shared, “This portrait of my dog is not just fun, it’s a cherished keepsake.” Another raved about the personal touch AI Draw brings to gifts.