Inside Out 2: Startups Helping Regulate Our Emotions

Today sees Pixar’s Inside Out 2 coming to big screens across the world. The movie, which takes place inside the mind of a young girl, involves the evolving interactions between her emotions.

The film, having initially been a big hit with audiences worldwide, the film is now back featuring more emotion-inspired characters.


The Growing Mental Health Epidemic


Whilst the film is both funny and endearing, it also encourages productive conversations around mental health. This is particularly important in the UK, where according to Mind, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England. According to Forth With Life, more than 1 in 7 UK adults say their mental health is currently either bad, or the worst it’s ever been.

In the quest to understand and regulate our emotions, a number of startups have been created to help people improve their mental health and wellbeing.

Let’s take a look at them…


1. Thymia


thymia - DigitalHealth.London


Thymia is a mental health technology company, designed to measure and track mental wellbeing.

By combining AI with neuropsychology, the startup provides gamified mental health assessments that allow people to identify and treat any mental health problems they may be facing.


2. Clementine


Clementine App


Clementine is an app designed for women to help them take back control of their mental health. Through a combination of audio therapy, daily affirmations and tips to regulate sleep, the app is helping more women improve their mental wellbeing.


3. uMore


uMore, the AI-powered mental wellbeing tracker, becomes the first UAE based  start-up accepted to TheVentureCity - LianaPress


Miami-based uMore focuses on improving mental wellbeing by giving people personalised therapy-based recommendations to improve their mental health.

Through tools like a mood tracker, the app is able to more accurately provide behaviour-based suggestions to improve mood regulation and promote better mental health.


4. Oliva


Oliva Health Status


A huge cause of stress for many people is work, and Olivia provides an employee mental wellbeing platform to help overcome workplace anxiety.

Designed to be a workplace benefit, the app provides therapy for people at work to support better mental health amongst employees, leading to increased company retention.



5. RiseUp


RiseUp - Financial Wellbeing on the App Store


Another big cause of stress for many people is financial insecurity. The RiseUp app helps people get on top of their finances and save money, all through positive messaging and reinforcement.

Through tools like monthly forecasting, people can more accurately make informed decisions about how they spend their money, making finances less stressful.


6. Logo | Sponsored | The Harvard Crimson


Sound can be a great way to manage anxiety and uses the power of music to help people focus, relax, sleep and meditate on the go.

Scientists at have also worked with academics to look at how their music affects the brain, ensuring they are developing the sounds and technology that are making the biggest difference.


7. clare&me


clare&me AI for Self-Therapy for your Mental Health over the Phone


As therapy can be expensive, clare&me offers AI therapy that is accessible via calls, WhatsApp and SMS messaging.

Available 24/7, clare&me allows people to speak to an anonymous AI, trained to help them work through their anxieties and worries. Not only that, the app also provides emotion management tools and mood check ins to ensure people are taking care of their mental wellbeing at all times.


8. Heights


Your Heights


Like any organ, the brain needs the right nutrients to thrive. Developed by scientists, Heights provides supplements to support brain health, and in turn, mental health.

As a brand with science at its core, the benefits of Heights supplements has been felt by big names like Stephen Fry, Matt Willis and Vogue Williams.