Interview with Jules Robertson and Laura Beales, Founders of Tally

Why was the business started?

Covid has accelerated trends in working practices and has fundamentally changed how businesses are thinking about their office spaces. More companies than ever are realising that employees want to work remotely as a way to save time and money. But employees are feeling more lonely than ever as they work away from their offices, with it often becoming apparent that the home is failing to provide the right conditions that they had previously received at their company’s office.

We created Tally to enable companies to downsize, go totally remote, or simply support flexible working by providing their teams with on-demand access to hot-desks and meeting rooms at coworking and hospitality venues both centrally and close to where their employees’ live. As well as existing to help with employees needs, Tally is also helping co-working spaces and hospitality venues, which have especially been hard hit by Covid to create another revenue stream.

Can you tell us more about the product? 

Tally provides teams with access to hot-desks and meeting rooms at over 150 co-working and hospitality venues across the UK for a flat-rate monthly subscription. Tally works on a token-based system with each company buying as many tokens as they need each month to book hot-desk and meetings spaces. Hot-desks start from one token and meeting spaces from four tokens.

What are your plans for growth?

After joining forces this year, co-founders Laura and Jules have been able to gain significant traction for Tally since its launch in August this year. Tally has over 150 venues on the platform across the UK. They have partnership agreements with some of the biggest space operators in the country e.g. Huckletree, Runaway East, Mercure, Young’s, Us&Co and so many more. They will continue to onboard customers over the remainder of 2020, with a view of raising seed funding at the start of 2021. This money will allow Tally to further invest in technology and marketing for further customer acquisition.