Interview with Kate Iroegbu

What is the business?

Our business is a Limited Company at ‘TriumphInTheMidstOfAdversity.Com and our aim is to help men and women handle adversity and gain fulfilment in life. According to statistics, approximately 92% of the world population fail to fulfil their potential. Whilst this may be a result of a wide combination of factors, I believe it is chiefly due to the fact that many crumble in adversity.

As a strategic expert in overcoming adversity, I had a wealth of experience and coaching of friends and family throughout my adult life, even before embarking on a Coaching Career. I worked with the best in the industry, the Coaching Academy, and as someone who has been through several adverse situations in life, I believe that sharing my key strategy which led to ultimate triumph will help many in overcoming their adversity. I feel that with the right coaching anyone can achieve accomplishment through adversity. This key strategy will be available in my upcoming book “Triumph in the Midst of Adversity”, it will be able on Amazon in couple of weeks. It is my proudest work and is a transformational and inspirational book that will help many who are going through  difficult life events and seemingly impossible situations, a guide for those who see no way out. By knowing that the pain and difficulties we go through in life tend to make many deviate their attention from the opportunity their adversity brings, I aim to redefine adversity.

I believe “adversity is the process we have to undergo in order to be strengthened, to make a better version of ourselves and prepare us for our next level of success in other to be fulfilled in life”. Thus, as an international public speaker and motivational speaker, we offer key note speeches or after dinner speeches at various events, seminars and conferences, churches and schools.

No matter what level you are, if you are prepared to put in the work, you are guaranteed success with us through our transformative programme. It is one of a kind. For those that feel they do not have a set goal, we will help you and you will be able to figure it out. Our best-selling triumph coaching packages are where you achieve tangible and life-changing results. Below are few testimonials from some of my recent clients:




Annie had a coaching session with Kate yesterday. Kate style is unique, she investigated the matter that I presented to her by asking open questions which helped me to reflect on the situation and see it in another perspective. And she also helped me uncover options to consider that I was not aware of initially in order to resolve the challenge. We set up some actions that I need to perform to bring me closer to what I need to achieve. This was my first session and look forward to work with her in the future.”

Kate was skilfully asking questions about past experiences, importance to my new career goal. Also, she coverred the current situation i.e what I have done so far and what’s missing right now. We looked at various options I considered relevant,  and more  Finally, I came out with the action plan with time freme. Happy as I now know what to do to achieve my goal before Christmas break.  Anne

What is the plan for growth?


As someone who is determined to share this fulfilment with many,  I am exploring many avenues to sharing my passion. For example, I have collaborated with my colleague Nick Ronald, the Director of Secret Influence ( who is a communication Consultant for over 25years,  he’s a Public Speaker, author and passionate about helping people to learn the skills for persuasion and to influence, and to share my vision and growth through outreach and interaction. Our plans for evolution and growth include creating large scale google campaigns; thriving off dynamic prospecting to reach new relevant users across the globe. We are also aiming to export event abroad, sharing our message outside of the UK to a wider audience who want to understand how to handle their adversity in order to triumph and to live a fulfilled life. In 2019, the aim is to have a stand on Business Show, committed to sharing our story across as many platforms as possible. Having a vision for growth and future plan is imperative to success within a business, and forward-thinking and pushing onwards is an invaluable skill that we feel we prosper in.

What are your biggest challenges at the moment?

The biggest challenges we have face are both getting publicity and translating that into clients that will purchase event tickets. Publicity is tough in this commercial and contemporary world, and we are having to push to expand within this dynamic realm. Furthermore, even a wide online presence may not necessarily translate into paying clients and customers. Our vision is wide but putting it into practice requires a lot of skill and perseverance.

What advice would you give to other new businesses?

My advice for young avid people or budding entrepreneurs is to follow your passion as well as filling a need. Having that passion and that drive makes a huge difference to success, and during the inevitable tough times, it is your deep passion that will motivate you and spur you on. Plan to start small but always plan to end big. By this I mean, do not wait until you get a loan or rely on having some bulk money before you become an entrepreneur, just start humbly and build upon it. The possibilities are endless if you can just keep the motivation.