Startup Interview: Just Add Beauty 


Company Name: Just Add Beauty –
Founder: Samantha Freedman
Sum up the business: Just Add Beauty curate edits of beauty products to sit and be sold on like-minded fashion websites.


The Founder

Just Add Beauty was founded by Samantha Freedman, 29, one of the UK’s award-winning beauty journalists. Samantha holds over 10 years’ experience within the beauty industry, working as a Beauty Editor for some of the most popular fashion and beauty titles across the globe; including Tatler, Grazia,, Look and Stylist.

Her extensive knowledge has led her to consult for various beauty and wellness brands, as well as write and present trend reports to international organisations.


The Motivation 

To align like-minded fashion and beauty brands to build brand equity.
To make buying beauty much more curated and expert lead, giving the customer a brilliant ‘proud to own’ purchase every time.
To create a new online shopping experience.

Current Progress

Just Add Beauty officially launched in January 2018 and currently has two fashion clients signed up with three more in the pipeline. The first client’s website is due to launch its first beauty edit in February 2018. Brands such as Malin + Goetz, By Terry and Benefit have already shown significant interest.

How Did It Come About? 

With friends constantly asking Sam what to use when it came to their beauty routines, she soon realised buying beauty was confusing and friends, family and colleagues were no longer consuming beauty, the way they used to.
Just Add Beauty combines Sam’s beauty expertise with her thorough understanding of the fashion industry and what sells. Her large network of industry contacts and expert knowledge ensures she is always in the know about the latest beauty findings, and in prime position to give relevant and professional advice.

Plans For The Next 6 months?

To spread the word about the Just Add Beauty concept. To have at least six fashion/accessories retailers signed up. It would also be an amazing goal to work together with some of the bigger beauty umbrella companies like L’Oreal or Estee Lauder.

What Inspires You? 

When the concept is explained and it’s instantly loved. Of course, amazing feedback is always brilliant, but we also love those moments when someone starts thinking of beauty and fashion brands that could instantly be linked- the ideas and partnerships are endless. It gets people excited to shop. We want to be the future of making shopping easy, simple and special every time.

Anything Interesting You Have Learnt From Running The Business?

 So much. Going from being a journalist to working on logistics is a completely different kettle of fish, although the contacts might be the same, its a completely different side to the industry. I feel like through my business I can expand my knowledge and improve in so many areas that I never normally would have, had I just stayed working at magazines.
I now know so much about legal contracts, website design, and ordering stock that I would never have known.
I have met some brilliant people and been introduced to so many new brands that make my journey through Just Add Beauty so exciting.
For more information, contact [email protected]