30. Lucy Self, Founder of Save My Knickers

Company: Save My Knickers

Website: http://www.save-my-knickers.com


About Lucy & Save My Knickers

We are looking at a world that wants to live a more sustainable lifestyle, be kinder to our planet and reduce waste. We’re also starting to see the topic of periods coming into the open. Save My Knickers is a part of this. Save My Knickers (SMK) is the first blood stain remover here to revolutionise your period. Successfully removing blood stains time and time again meaning you can confidently wear your favourite undies every day of the month and be kind to the environment by having more of what you love, not less.

This story starts in 2019; with Lucy and her knickers. Lucy lives with her husband and 4 year old, she loves tea and coffee, going on adventures and has a peanut butter obsession. Lucy was so fed up with ruining her own underwear because of blood stains. She couldn’t find anything on the market that worked so she decided to experiment in the kitchen. Lots of pairs of stained undies later and Lucy found the magic formula that successful removed bloodstains every single time! It was only when telling her friends about her discovery that they pointed out she wasn’t the only person that has a period and that’s when she decided she couldn’t keep her discovery a secret – that’s when SMK was born.

At the time, Lucy was working as a Children’s Physiotherapist in the NHS and juggling mum/wife mode. Starting a business, product development, marketing, finance etc was not taught at physio school – so this was a huge (and steep!) learning curve. Then the pandemic hit. Lucy was mid business start-up and also working in some of the most challenging and unprecedented times in the NHS.

Despite all of this, SMK has had an incredible start. Since its launch (Oct 2020) it has saved over 10,000 pairs of knickers. SMK has had consistent five-star reviews and was shortlisted in the innovation category at the National Recycling and Women’s Business Awards 2021. It was featured in Planet Mindful and JUNO magazines Sustainable Period Articles. Lucy also won the Women’s Business Club Dragoness’ Den in Dec 2021 and hung up her NHS scrubs in February 2022 to take on knicker saving full time.

Blood stains were notoriously difficult to remove and those sad stained knickers were destined for the bin or to be hidden at the back of the drawer and replaced with a new pair with the same fate, until now. SMK is the easy way to feel favourite-knicker-good every day. And it’s plastic free, cruelty free, perfume free and vegan and one tube of magic powder can save up to 20 pairs of undies, pjs, bedsheets etc from being thrown away.

This is just the beginning for SMK; come and be a part of the adventure!

“Ingenious, brave, friendly and purpose driven… Lucy is truly inspirational and I know we will see continued personal and business growth over the next year.” – Ant Parsons, Director ALP Synergy Ltd, Peer Networks Director for OxLEP


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