Discover Meshed – The At-Home On-Demand Massage Device for Total Comfort

Previous Forbes 30 under 30 Rohan Kamdar, found success with the creation of a manufacturing robot that irons clothes and removes wrinkles, handling as many as 12 items at once. The IP and technology was sold to BSH last year. Following the success of this, the Cambridge Masters graduate and co-founder Sergio Martinez set their eyes on the next product.

With over 8 million adults in the UK suffering from chronic back pain, and numbers only growing with so many people now working from home, the team knew they could do something to help, and Meshed was born. The idea behind it was simple – “if you as a user could design the perfect massage solution, what would you want it to do?”, with the answer being “everything a professional does when I go and get a massage”. Meshed, the massage you don’t have to book in advance. 

Controlled via a mobile app in the palm of your hand, Meshed is the at-home, on-demand massage device for total comfort. Delivering high-tech personal​ massage, Meshed combines superior engineering skills from graduates from some of the best universities in the world and sleek design for ultimate at-home on-demand comfort.


rohan kamdar meshed

Rohan Kamdar set up Meshed after selling his ironing robot last year to BSH


With its sleek design and partnership with London School of Massage, this foldable device uses 3D-axis motion for adjustable depth, pressure, and shape, with interchangeable 5-head rods. It’s the closest you can get to a professional back massage at home without having to fork out and schedule in advance a private massage therapist to come round. 

The Meshed team is built up of engineers and designers with diverse backgrounds in product research and development. They have designed a combined total of over 75 products over the past 20 years. With anything from ion thrusters and blood analyzers, to furniture collections and medical cases, their combined portfolio is a story in and of its own.




However – despite their broad background and previous projects – they all agree that the work they have done for Meshed has a certain kind of magic around it. The Meshed team is certain that they are creating something that will truly help others, as well as bringing much-needed innovation to a market that has been stagnant for years.  

With the crowdfunding opening on 15th November, Meshed are excited to give you the opportunity to be one of the first to back them. If you’re one of the first 250 backers, putting down £1 now will get you their Super Early Bird discount of £197 (45% off RRP £349), it will never be that low again! You’ll also gain access to their exclusive Meshed VIP Facebook group where you’ll be kept up to date with all of their progress as they work towards fixing the nation’s work-from-home-hunch!

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