Micolet: Fashion Startup Feature


Company name: Micolet – https://www.micolet.co.uk/

Description: An online marketplace that sells second-hand clothing for women.

Operating: UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Portugal

Founded: 2016 


About the company

Micolet is the one-stop for buying second hand clothing for women and has recently launched the UK.

The company operates from a warehouse in Bilbao, Northern Spain and currently offers basic to high end women’s fashion at affordable prices.

Founded in 2016, the founder had the idea for the company when she had a pile of beautiful clothes that she didn’t need by wanted to sell. Turned off by the idea of taking photos and selling them one-by-one, she decided to create a website that could manage everything from you from start to finish.

And that is exactly what Micolet does.

“We start by sending a courier to collect the clothes the customer wants to sell. We then photograph and list all the items of clothing on our website and once they have been purchased, we package them up and send them to the buyer and then we transfer the funds of the sale to the original customer.”

“We take a small commission that is charged to the buyer to make all this possible. This means that it is extremely easy and cost effective for the consumer sending us clothes as all they need to do is box up their clothes and wait for the money to be sent to their account.”

The quality of every item is checked before it put on sale – after all, we don’t want foul smelling clothes! Anything which is not sold or is unsellable is recycled or passed onto NGOs.


What products can you buy?

As a second hand market place for women’s fashion, they offer every item under the sun from tops, trousers, jackets, shoes and more. Micolet have a luxury fashion range including designer dresses and Prada bags. Being second hand, customers can get their hands on some beautiful pieces, at better prices than they would usually pay.

Since the company is based across Europe, customers can enjoy fashion from brands all across Europe – including ones that you would not usually see or have access to in the UK.


What are the plans for growth?

With our rapid expansion across Europe in the last 3.5 years, Micolet will be allowing UK-based customers to start sending in and selling their clothes very soon (this is currently only available in other participating countries).

The fashion start-up is eyeing up a further expansion across the Netherlands and Czech Republic and we are working hard to become a household name.

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