nez Startup Profile – Interview with the founder Joe Zender

We caught up with Joe Zender, the founder of new startup nez which is set to revolutionise lunch options for busy London workers.


1. What is the business?

nez is an app that helps Londoners discover offers at top-quality restaurants, bars and cafes in their area.  For our food and drink partners, we raise brand awareness, drive incremental footfall and provide unique insights about how they can grow their business.

We recently celebrated our second birthday and just hit a major milestone, in reaching our first 100,000 users. It’s been great seeing Londoners react so well to the concept.

2. How are you different?

The food and drink app market is a noisy space but nez has a unique combination of qualities that help it stand out above the rest.  Simply put, it saves you money on brilliant food and drink spots around central London in a hassle-free way.

The last point is especially important to mobile users in 2019. nez is free to download, isn’t a subscription service, has no pay-upfront element and doesn’t ask for credit card details. Offer verification happens automatically using bluetooth beacons so there’s no faffing around with codes when you’re at the till.

It’s clear that our users also love the product – more than your average app. We’re especially proud of our current 4.8 rating on Apple’s App Store.

3. What are your plans for growth in the next 1/2 years?

We’re a London company, and will have a laser-like focus on the capital for the next 18 months. nez has just launched in the City, now catering for Bank and Monument, but we’re already eyeing up our next area launch. Keep your eyes peeled, but we plan to be a loud and fun presence across the capital all the way into 2020.

We’re also looking at the idea of working directly with companies, using nez’s unique technology to deliver food and drink offers to employees at scale. It’s very early days but we’re excited about the potential for nez to make an impact in the world of office perks.