Patently: The Company Changing Patents

Patents play a significant role in innovation. They provide the opportunity to recoup investment in research and development. They also provide the opportunity to use patents owned by others. Significantly, patents contribute to technological advancements by sharing the details of new inventions with everyone, and fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

In the past, to talk about patents you would have to navigate a complex legal and technical landscape, which means you would need an understanding of the patent system, technical expertise, money and other resources. 

Patently is aiming to change that, having launched on 1st May, where they launched a new and improved integrated suite of patent products for searching, assessing and drafting, with the aim to make patents more accessible to all.


Patently’s Technology


A platform that uses the latest technology to improve the way people do patent searches, conduct patent assessments and even write patents. 

The platform will include three main products: 

  • Search: Driven by AI for intuitive and more advanced patent searches
  • Assess: A tool to explore patent families, identify connections, and navigate patent rights with unprecedented customisation such as comments and ratings
  • Create: The world’s first truly multimodal AI patent drafting assistant: Onardo. Craft accurate, comprehensive patent applications effectively with minimum effort

How Patently Started


The founders of Patently were frustrated with how difficult it was to find out who owns what patents. It quickly became clear to them that the market did not offer a solution for this that was fast, intuitive, and embraced new technology.

So they founded Patently, which will provide a suite of advanced tools to make patent searching simple, while continuing to demystify patents by their pioneering use of new technology. 


What’s Next For Patently?


Since launch, Patently is continuing to invest in product enhancements that use technology to make patents simple for all. They will also continue to regularly advocate for advancements in the patent industry.

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