Queen Mary University of London – Successful Alumni who Founded Startups

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Romanie Thomas – Juggle Jobs


juggle jobs


Romanie Thomas studied English Literature at Queen Mary University of London before diving straight into the world of recruitment, where she cut her teeth as an experienced executive head-hunter.

It was during this decade-long career that Romanie recognised a lack of progress on diversity at leadership level. It was this realisation that, in 2017, inspired the creation of Juggle Jobs, the AI-powered recruitment platform that aims to reduce unconscious bias and connect more women to senior leadership roles (70% of their placements are women).

Now, with over 15,000 candidates and 700 business customers, the innovative platform connects start-ups and scale-ups with experienced, pre-vetted professionals who want to work more flexibly. Juggle speeds up the hiring process by sending a list of perfect candidates to a business within 24 hours with an average time to hire of 1 week (vs an industry average of 1 month).

Romanie said: “We help people who crave more time and autonomy in their lives to become ‘flexperts’. This makes us the only recruitment platform in the UK to provide job seekers with a revolutionary ‘pay-as-you-earn’-like salary structure within the platform, encompassing contracts and invoicing, too.

“As a result, apprehensive candidates worried about leaping into flexible and contractual work can now do so without the added anxiety around crafting their own contracts, invoicing and being paid on time.”

In November 2020, Romanie raised $2M from global VCs, and the company recently closed a successful crowdfunding campaign – achieving 133% of the target. Throughout 2021, Juggle Jobs has seen a steady month-on-month revenue growth of 20-30% which has allowed the company to hire a Chief Product Officer to take the technology to the next level.

87% of the UK population wants to work more flexibly and less than 10% of business executives are women – a percentage Romanie intends to grow to 50% by 2027.

She continued: “Juggle Jobs’ key differentiator is that we have always had diversity and inclusion, plus learning and development, at the heart of what we do. The technology was initially designed with women in mind, helping them balance a career with care-giving without sacrificing their chance to pursue leadership roles and 70% of our placements are women.”

Juggle Jobs’ winning combination of AI and anonymising candidates data until the interview stage is disrupting the recruitment process by removing bias. This method helps tackle diversity from the ground level, by making decisions based on the quality of an applicant over culture, creed, race, ethnicity or accent.

Romanie concluded: “Our mission is to become the fastest and most accurate recruitment matching service between companies and experienced flexible professionals – taking the pain and stress away and promoting the rise of the flexible workforce in the UK.”


If there is someone you would like to add to the list, please email us directly.