Rens Original Product Review – “THE” Sneaker of 2021

  • Rens offers a sustainable sneaker made from used coffee grounds and recycled water bottles
  • The company hails from Helsinki, Finland and has raised over $500,000 through crowdfunding
  • The comfortable and stylish shoe is naturally odour-fighting and anti-bacterial
  • Rens sneakers retail at $119.00 and come in white, black, brown, blue, red and pink
  • Visit and use code Rens10 to get 10% off



What Are Rens Sneakers and How Are They Different To Regular Sneakers?

Rens is a new and fast-growing startup offering shoes that are made from used coffee grounds and recyclable plastic bottles.

The Helsinki-based company has devised a range of footwear that is waterproof, breathable and yes, its made from coffee.

Available for men and women in white, black, red, blue, pink and brown – the use of coffee grains or coffee yarn creates a soft and comfortable shoe which is fully waterproof – as proven by some of the videos on the Rens website.

100% vegan and breathable, Rens offers an antibacterial shoe which is stylish and fights odours – and is something you would see worn by celebrities, footballers and models.


TechRound sampled the Rens Sneaker and we were impressed with the strength and durability of the shoe





What Did TechRound Think of Rens Sneakers?

Upon opening the box, you expect to pick up a light-weight shoe or plimsole like the original converse or the ones you used in primary school for PE.

But this is not the case with Rens.

The shoe is the just the right weight for an everyday sneaker. It is robust, its strong and you can feel the quality of the material. The base is thicker than it looks, its not a heavy shoe, but its not light either.

The Rens sneaker is comfortable, your foot just fits into it. You can order it online and not be concerned about it fitting over a wide or narrow foot, it has the one-size fits all feeling that you get with Crocs.


“This is not a plimsole. This is a robust, strong shoe and it oozes technology”

The shoe looks and feels good too, it would go well with jeans, shorts or even sports gear. You may not want to go on a long walk or hike with your Rens sneakers, but being strong and good with water, your shoe and feet would be protected.



Why Are Sustainable Sneakers Important?

The worldwide sneaker industry is worth an estimated $55 billion and has exploded in recent years. Sure, you can save up to buy your Jordans and your LeBrons – but the average consumer does not realise that their sneakers are not recyclable and the manufacturing process is exactly eco-friendly. The material wastage is huge, but the demand for sneakers is increasing.

In 2021, the average consumer cares about their environment and Rens is leading by example.


For more information about Rens, visit