How Software Can Simplify HR And Scheduling For Your Startup

elementsuite, a known HR and Workforce Management software company, has presented “everyday”, a single HR, scheduling, and pay solution for companies with 200-1,000 employees. This solution is designed for startups, and small to medium sized businesses that often have to deal with separate HR and scheduling solutions, or are reliant on working from spreadsheets.


What Is This Good For?


The everyday platform is built on elementsuite’s powerful platform that incorporates best practice features and functionality. It is a powerful all-in-one HR, scheduling and pay offering that also benefits from ELLA, elementsuite Large Language Assistant.

Steve Elcock, CEO, elementsuite, said, “everyday is a HR system that provides a unique combination of best practice based upon our powerful software platform, along with the unique power of generative AI from ELLA – that securely interrogates your company information, and provides business insights that are aligned and relevant.”



How Does everyday Work?


The everyday platform transforms staff scheduling from a tedious, manual task to a streamlined, automated process. It allows employees and managers to validate worked hours ahead of the pay run, for more pay accuracy, reducing staff queries related to pay, and improving labour management.

Kirsty Winch, Human Resource Specialist at The Mellors Group, said, “We love the everyday platform – the AI and UI capabilities immediately appealed to us and the functionality met all of our complex staff scheduling needs.”


What Are Its Features?


The everyday platform offers a few key features such as:

Rota Management: everyday allows for custom creation, template usage, or replication from past schedules.

Self-service: everyday empowers employees to manage their schedules directly from their own devices.

Scheduling: with pay premium management and forecasting tools, everyday guarantees that businesses are optimally staffed for any scenario.

How Secure Is It?

ELLA enforces security by using the authentication and authorisation that is inherent in the security model of elementsuite’s market-leading HR platform. This makes sure there is data security applied by design and default, and provides users with the assurances that compliance with GDPR is enforced.

elementsuite is now here to offer the same expertise, the same experience, but for companies with above 200 employees. This launch marks a new era of innovation and efficiency with an all-in-one platform that covers the entire employee lifecycle.

What Are Reviews Saying?

Kirsty Winch, Human Resource Specialist at The Mellors Group commented, “We love the everyday platform – the AI and UI capabilities immediately appealed to us and the functionality met all of our complex staff scheduling needs.

“It was also equally as important to us that we had a platform that could be flexible across different sites and different requirements throughout the year, and could be implemented and adopted by new users quickly and easily. The ability to self-build with everyday works perfectly for us.”

More About elementsuite

elementsuite’s full-suite HR and Workforce Management software is made by experts with over 25 years of experience in transforming organisations’ world of work. elementsuite’s hire-to-retire system is renowned for having overcome the issue of outdated best-of-breed systems, giving workers an unrivalled efficiency-increasing and cost-saving solution that compresses endless hours of admin into one user-friendly, and coherent platform.

Having worked in partnership with a plethora of leading brands, elementsuite boasts a profound wealth of expertise in guiding organisation towards accomplishing all their HR and Workforce Management objectives.