11. Sophie Baron, Founder of Mamamade

Company: Mamamade

Website: www.mamamadefood.com


About Sophie & Mamamade

Mamamade is here to improve the lives and wellbeing of children by sharing the load and the love with parents – providing smart tools that make raising little ones easier, healthier and more fulfilling.

To get to where Mamamade is today, founders Sophie and Ian had to sacrifice quite a bit – not just because they bootstrapped for the first 12 months, but also in regards to how it affected their family and the mental strain that went into it. In the early days, it was all hands on deck with both of the pair involved with every aspect of the business from design, branding, cooking, customer service and strategy. Like with any partnership, they had to learn quickly how to work together and even worked with a business coach to set out where each of their key strengths and weaknesses were – they literally wrote out job descriptions for each of them, even though they were the entire team.

They won’t pretend – of course there have been wobbles. Every entrepreneur will say the same – there’s always a moment where you wonder if you’re doing the right thing. But they’re all in. They’re fully committed to seeing this through. Thankfully they have built an incredible community of 40k parents and now have a team of 15. There are days and even whole weeks where they now don’t cross paths – just seeing each other over zoom for team catch ups and company wide meetings.


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