Startup of the Week: Commuter Club

  • Commuter Club was founded by Petko Plachkov, Imran Gulamhuseinwala and Irina Lovita.
  • The company helps you manage the hefty cost of annual travel tickets, buying it for customers on a credit agreement.
  • So far, Commuter Club have raised $10.8 million over 6 funding rounds.

Our Startup of the Week for this week is Commuter Club! Helping everyone to have a better commute with its award-winning subscription service.

The idea for Commuter Club began in 2012, upon the realisation that the cheapest travel options were only made available to those forking out for annual tickets – paying thousands of pounds for these upfront.

The founders felt this was unfair, and so created Commuter Club’s subscription service to help commuters get the most from their money. With Commuter Club, customers pay monthly for their travel ticket, and save hundreds of pounds a year compared to how much they would’ve paid with the standard monthly ticket prices – savings being even bigger for those who would’ve typically bought weekly tickets, or used contactless.

Commuter Club users don’t just save money on ticket costs, they also save time that would’ve otherwise been spent queuing for tickets or topping up at machines.

Commuter Club claim that saving money is just the beginning. We want to go further. We want to help our customers save time, money and hassle in every aspect of their commute.”



Commuter Club was co-founded by Petko Plachkov, Imran Gulamhuseinwala and Irina Lovita. During the pandemic, the company has been working with their partner Premium Credit to offer discounted travel for key workers – with a generous 65% off the first month. Co-founder Lovita commenting:

“We greatly value the work and sacrifices of our key workers. While many of us have been able to work from home during this time, we realise that many key workers must continue to commute – we hope this key worker discount will go some way to easing a little of the financial stress COVID-19 has been responsible for.”

So far, the company have raised a total $10.8 million over the course of 6 funding rounds, their latest announced in July 2019, which raised £2.3 million.