Startup of the Week: Curiscope

  • Curiscope was founded in 2016 by Ed Barton and Ben Kidd.
  • The startup is helping to create immersive learning experiences through its educational AR products.
  • Curiscope has crowdfunded $117,436 from over 1,700 backers.

Both virtual and augmented reality have grown to offer exciting different technologies in recent years, the first that spring to mind being in entertainment. However, with such immersive capabilities, surely there are other industries that can benefit from its unique offering? This is where our Startup of the Week, Curiscope, comes in.




Now headquartered Brighton, Curiscope uses the entertainment aspect of AR and VR technologies to create uniquely immersive educational experiences. The startup strive to “Bring Learning to Life”, with AR products designed to enable students to explore their world in new exciting ways.

Curiscope offer informative, captivating, and most importantly educational, products helping users to learn in fun augmented reality ways.

Their products include the Curiscope Multiverse poster and the Virtuali-Tee – both of which are brought to life by pointing the startup’s free app on it. For example, the Virtuali-Tee provides an AR look into how the human body works, helping users learn about anatomy like never before.



Curiscope was started by Ed Barton (former filmmaker and web developer) and Ben Kidd (BAFTA-nominated 3D visual artist). The two founders began the startup’s journey on YouTube, with a 360-degree shark dive video attracting nearly 30 million views.

After the positive reaction the founders received from this, their first ever product – the educational Virtuali-Tee, was launched.

So far, the company has crowdfunded $117,436 from over 1,700 backers. Their Virtuali-Tee has received both the Gold Mom’s Choice and the Gold Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Awards. The startup claim:

Our products are the perfect STEM educational resource for transforming Science learning in the home or in the classroom. Kids light up when they see the body come to life and love seeing what it looks like to dive inside the intestines!”