Startup Of The Week: Dosty

  • Dosty is revolutionising pet care by providing comprehensive solutions for pet parents. Dosty enhances the lives of pet parents by providing an app that gives them comprehensive support.
  • The app targets key areas including the anxiety and information overload that new pet owners face, the abundance of unverified online resources, and difficulties in quick symptom assessment.
  • Dosty offers a range of practical tools, such as walking and food trackers, vaccine calendars, and reminders, along with a pet passport. It provides specialised support for numerous dog and cat breeds, offering insights into various symptoms with vet-verified advice and content.






What is Dosty?


Dosty is an all-encompassing pet care application designed to simplify and enrich the lives of pet parents.

It serves as a one-stop resource for pet-related needs, offering breed-specific advice and support. Key features include an array of practical widgets, a comprehensive symptom checker for over 60 symptoms, and a wealth of vet-certified content. This content, tailored to the specific needs of different breeds, provides immediate and accurate advice for pet owners, ensuring they have the necessary resources to address their pets’ health and well-being effectively.

To date Dosty has successfully raised $700K from an angel investor during its pre-seed round and is gearing up for a seed round in April/May 2024.


What Makes Dosty Unique?


Dosty’s uniqueness lies in its research-driven foundation and the involvement of experts, including vets and pet nutritionists, in its development.

This professional input ensures all app features and advice are authoritative and reliable. Dosty aims to be an indispensable assistant for pet parents, providing a whole range of essential features and widgets, crafted with expert care.

Its commitment to offering quality, comprehensive support distinguishes it in the pet care app market.



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Is There a Market for Pet Tech?


The pet industry, expanding by 450% in the last 25 years, is projected to be valued at $358.62 billion by 2027.

The Pet Tech sector, particularly, is anticipated to grow significantly, from a $5 billion valuation in 2023 to over $35 billion by 2032, at a CAGR of 15%. Pet Healthcare is expected to comprise 30% of this market by 2030.

The European pet care market alone, worth over $40 billion, is set to grow at a 6% CAGR from 2022 to 2027. With pet ownership being widespread (over half of UK households owning a pet in 2021/22 and 91 million European households owning a pet as of 2022), the demand for innovative solutions like Dosty is clear. The market trend and consumer needs show the importance of having resources like Dosty available for pet owners.


What Sets Dosty Apart from Its Competitors?


Dosty is an ongoing companion throughout your pet parenting journey. Dosty differentiates itself through its integrated approach and certified healthcare content. In a market increasingly populated by AI-driven apps, Dosty ensures reliability with its extensive research and development and vet-certified content.

Unlike other solutions that offer generic information, Dosty’s algorithm, developed by veterinarians, narrows down the most probable causes of symptoms, providing precise guidance and next steps. This not only benefits pet parents but also assists veterinarians by streamlining the diagnostic process, leading to quicker and more effective treatment.


Where Can You Find Dosty? 


Dosty is globally accessible through major platforms like the App Store and Google Play, and also via its website,

You can also find them on social media at:

This wide availability ensures that pet parents everywhere can easily access its comprehensive range of pet care solutions.


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