Startup of the Week: Echo


Our Startup of the Week is Echo! A prescription app enabling patients to order and receive the prescriptions they need straight to their door. The startup was founded in 2015, and currently works with over 9,500 NHS England GP surgeries, delivering medication to patients free of charge.

The health tech startup was founded by former Apple employee Sai Lakshmi and Stephen Bourke (who previously worked in management of the online LloydsPharmacy service). The founders launched echo out of a “shared frustration with a system that’s confusing and has yet to properly take advantage of mobile technology” co-founder Bourke claims, putting the patient first and making the pharmacy more accessible than ever before.

In June 2019, Echo was acquired by McKesson, who also own LloydsPharmacy, and has been an incredibly beneficial service throughout the UK, especially amidst lockdown.



Through Echo, users can order repeat prescriptions to their home, their family or friends, or a Post Office collection point. The app is available on both iOS and Android, users simply having to enter in a few simple details; including the name of their GP, their repeat prescription, and the address they would like the medication delivered to.

Once these details have been filled out, the app with then wait for the doctor to approve the prescription, before sending it out for delivery.

There are no additional fees for the service, users simply having to pay the applicable fees for the prescription itself. Read our startup profile on Echo to find out more.