Startup Of The Week: EcoHedge

  • EcoHedge is a UK-based, climate-tech start-up, helping SMEs to get to grips with their carbon accounting and reach net-zero, faster
  • Their software intelligently captures, calculates and categorises emissions data to give a comprehensive view of a company’s carbon footprint.

EcoHedge | Intelligent Carbon Accounting Software for Climate Conscious Companies

What is EcoHedge?

EcoHedge is built on the belief that that small businesses can become heroes in the fight against climate change. That’s why they have developed a carbon accounting software that makes it easy for businesses to measure and track their emissions.

Their methodology is underpinned by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the gold standard for greenhouse gas accounting. This ensures that their calculations are consistent and reliable.

“Sustainability is just one piece of a bigger picture, but can have company-wide implications; for example in talent retention and attraction. We advocate for progress over perfection and will help businesses with incremental change. Setting targets, meeting them and then raising the bar to build momentum over time.

“The future for EcoHedge is about providing data-driven insights to support businesses in making difficult decisions and enabling more meaningful conversations with suppliers. For example, when it comes to divesting from or engaging with carbon-intensive activities.”

Rob Smallcombe, Founder & CEO at EcoHedge


Why did the company start?

The intersection between the energy crisis, climate crisis and current political landscape made the founders of EcoHedge acutely aware of the pressures businesses are facing.

Pressure on SMEs is mounting with disclosures moving from voluntary to regulatory, busy business leaders are left holding the baby. Automation should mean automatic, and this is where EcoHedge comes in.

EcoHedge uses a simple and effective system that empowers SMEs to become climate leaders with truly automated, enterprise-grade, secure and scalable software.

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What innovations does the company have?

EcoHedge Express is a cloud-based software that integrates with popular business applications to automatically identify, calculate and categorise Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Using intuitive dashboards and clear reporting, EcoHedge Express allows businesses to track and reduce their emissions in an easy and accessible way.


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