Startup of the Week: Fiit


As the UK continues to be in lockdown, exercise has become a major part in keeping the nation healthy, busy and ultimately…sane. Whilst gyms across the country have closed indefinitely, many Brits have started to find other ways to stay active during this time, whether it’s taking up running (at a safe distance from others) or tuning in to P.E. classes with Joe Wicks.

Whilst these are great sources of exercise, and healthy distractions from the lockdown, many are wanting more from their home workouts. That’s where our Startup of the Week Fiit comes in.

Fiit is the number one rated fitness app, giving users access highly sought-after personal trainers from the comfort of their own home. The startup was founded by three friends (Daniel Shellard, Ian McCaig and Sammi Adhami) in 2017, wanting to make the best fitness classes more accessible.

The app allows users to track their heart rate and calories with a Fiit device, meaning you can learn more about your performance as you progress on the platform. It aims to help users push their boundaries and progress fitness levels using a combination of in demand trainers, in-house DJs and a highly skilled team.

Fiit state that their mission “is to make exercise a habit for everybody. To offer our members the most motivating fitness experience, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro. How? With our team of fitness experts, data scientists, engineers and DJs, who create the most efficient and addictive workouts on the planet. And a community that helps you level up and make good habits stick.”



Fiit offers hundreds of different classes (ranging from 10, 25 and 40 minutes long), including HIIT, combat, strength training, yoga, breathwork, mobility flows and pilates. These can all be streamed to your TV, tablet or phone.

The app also enables users to connect with each other, offering over 40 different scheduled group classes a day.

Additionally users can “get results faster” with tailored training plans ranging from 2 – 10 weeks long. Plans are selected and tailored to you, offering live stats and tracking week on week  progress.

For those wanting more from their home workout, Fiit may be the answer – bringing the gym to lockdowned Brits across the UK.