Startup Of The Week: Frendo

  • Frendo is a smartphone app for endometriosis patients and those with suspected symptoms.
  • With Frendo App, users can improve their time to diagnosis and treatment through endometriosis screening and doctor patient symptom monitoring – reducing unnecessary appointments, minimising the progression rate of the disease and improving the patient’s quality of life as a result.


What is Frendo?

Frendo is a community of endometriosis sufferers, providing peer-to-peer connection, screening and a support network in the palm of users’ hands.

Frendo provides endometriosis patients – and those with suspected symptoms – with credible resources, helping users to manage their symptoms, find alternative treatment options and seek advice on how to talk to loved ones about endo, as well as improve their general wellbeing while living with a chronic illness.

Frendo encompasses a screening feature for those with suspected symptoms, a connected community and an endometriosis specific pain and symptom tracker to improve the quality of life of the 200million living with the chronic disease.

Why was the company started?

Endometriosis is an inflammatory condition where tissue similar to the lining of the womb grows outside it in other parts of the body.

The average diagnosis delay for endometriosis varies from 7 to 11 years and when you consider the fact that 1 in 9 people with periods will experience this disease in their lifetime, there needs to be more done to help this community.

“I created Frendo, really out of my own distress and frustration at the system and its lack of understanding, for the 1 in 9 of us suffering from the very debilitating and painful chronic disease. It took more than 18 years for my diagnosis and, sadly, this isn’t uncommon.”

Dearbhail Ormond, CEO and Founder at Frendo


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How do you download Frendo?

You can download Frendo from the App store or though Google Play.

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