Startup Of The Week: Greyparrot

  • Greyparrot is a pioneering AI waste analytics platform focused on transforming the waste management industry.
  • The waste management sector faces challenges such as inadequate accountability, leading to stagnant recycling rates and significant environmental impact.
  • Greyparrot’s cutting-edge AI computer vision systems enable efficient monitoring and sorting of waste, providing insights to enhance recycling rates and accountability across the waste value chain.



What is Greyparrot?

Established in 2019, Greyparrot stands at the forefront of the circular economy by leveraging AI technology to revolutionise waste management.

The company’s name draws inspiration from the intelligent African grey parrot, reflecting its AI’s adaptability and potential to bring about positive change. With a team of 30 professionals spanning 15 countries, Greyparrot operates in the UK and Europe, uniting expertise in deep learning, waste management, and global expansion.

Is there a market for an AI waste management company?

The waste management industry, valued at $1.6 trillion, grapples with inefficiencies and environmental consequences due to inadequate waste handling.

Greyparrot’s AI solutions bridge this gap by offering precise waste sorting and data-driven insights to stakeholders. This aligns with global sustainability goals, including the push for increased recycling and reduced environmental harm.

Greyparrot’s existence stems from the urgent need to address these issues and reshape the waste management landscape with innovation and technology.

“We create 2.2 billion tonnes of solid waste every year. That’s equivalent to a mountain of rubbish heavier than the Great Pyramid of Giza – every single day. By 2050, that number will double to 4 billion, and we’re running out of places to put it. Currently, over half of it ends up in landfills, open dumps and incinerators.

“Instead of increasing our own recycling rates, we currently ship plastic to countries that can’t properly process it. In 2020, the EU exported over 13 million tonnes of waste to Turkey alone. China, Turkey, and most recently Thailand have stopped accepting plastic waste from abroad. They won’t be alone, and the waste crisis will soon be on our doorsteps.”

– Mikela Drukman Co-Founder & CEO at Greyparrot, on why the company exists


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Where can you find them?

Visit Greyparrot’s website to learn more about their innovative products, partnerships, and opportunities to contribute to a cleaner planet:

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