Startup Of The Week: Kano Computing

  • Kano Computing is a British technology company aimed at inspiring children into coding
  • They focus on creating do-it-yourself (DIY) computer kits and software that teach coding and computer assembly.
  • Their products include a line of computer accessories like a mouse, headphones, webcam, and the Kano PC.
  • In 2023, Kano Computing was sold to Alex Klein and made into a private company.




KANO Computer Kit for Kids

What is Kano Computing ?


Kano Computing is a UK tech brand that’s making waves in the world of education and technology. It was established in 2013 by Alex Klein, Saul Klein, and Yonatan Raz-Fridman with a mission to make technology accessible to everyone, regardless of age or skill level.

Kano Computing achieves this through its innovative do-it-yourself computer kits and user-friendly software that encourage learning through play and exploration.

These kits are more than just educational tools; they are ways into a world where technology is not just consumed, but created by the user. Kano Computing ‘s approach is rooted in the belief that anyone can learn to code, build, and understand technology. The company’s philosophy centres around making technology creation as intuitive and engaging as playing with Lego bricks.


What Makes Kano Computing Unique?


Kano Computing stands out by blending education with technology in an interactive, hands-on way. Its approach to teaching coding and computer assembly through DIY kits is innovative. They have even partnered with big names like Warner Bros. and Microsoft to make learning more engaging, using themes like Harry Potter and Star Wars.

This unique approach has earned them accolades like Time Magazine’s Best Inventions and Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies awards.



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Is There A Market For Educational Tech Kits?


Absolutely! The market for educational tech kits like those offered by Kano Computing is growing, driven by the increasing importance of STEM education. Parents and teachers are constantly seeking new ways to introduce children to technology and coding from a young age.

Kano Computing taps into this market with its unique DIY computer kits, making learning coding and computer assembly fun and interactive. The success of their crowdfunding campaigns, raising over $1.5 million initially, and the continued demand for their products in over 80 countries, highlight the significant market interest. Their partnerships with companies like Microsoft and initiatives with public figures like Novak Djokovic for educational purposes further emphasise the market’s potential and Kano Computing’s role in it.


What Sets Kano Computing Apart From Its Competitors?


Kano Computing differentiates itself with its unique approach to tech education. Their products are not just educational tools but also involve a creative aspect where users build their own computers.

This hands-on approach, combined with partnerships with iconic brands and figures, makes Kano Computing ‘s offerings more engaging and appealing than standard educational tech products.


Where Can You Find Kano Computing?


Dive into their world of interactive, build-it-yourself technology by visiting their website Kano.


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