Startup Of The Week: LandFolk

  • Landfolk, an ambitious startup from Denmark was founded in February 2021 by ex-Airbnb colleagues.
  • The company aims to enhance vacation experiences by offering unique, handpicked summer houses in nature-rich locations.
  • Landfolk has access to over 1,800 distinctive holiday homes across Denmark, Norway, and Germany, featuring all-inclusive pricing, flexible booking, and exceptional aesthetics.




Landfolk Logo


Who Is Landfolk?


Landfolk is a Danish startup on a mission to revolutionise the vacation rental market. Born from a fusion of frustration with the existing holiday home rental process and a passion for quality vacations, the company handpicks exceptional summer houses, ensuring each offers a unique, aesthetic, and quality-driven experience.

Landfolk focuses on enhancing the bond between people, nature, and each other, creating a delightful platform for both booking and hosting.



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Is There a Market for Unique Vacation Rentals?


The unique vacation rental sector is flourishing, driven by trends towards experiential travel and the desire for authentic, local experiences. Landfolk taps into this burgeoning market, offering over 1,800 handpicked holiday homes in Denmark, Norway, and Germany.

This sector’s growth is fueled by a shift from conventional hotel stays to more personal, distinctive lodging options. Key statistics demonstrate a rising demand for holiday homes that offer more than just a place to stay, but also an immersion in local culture and nature. Landfolk’s success, marked by rapid expansion and significant investments, including a recent €3.8 million infusion, shows the potential and need for such unique vacation experiences.


Additional Products Offered by Landfolk


Apart from its primary offering of unique holiday homes for personal vacations, Landfolk has expanded its services to cater to business needs as well. Here’s a closer look at their additional products:

Landfolk for Business: This service is tailored for companies seeking extraordinary locations for various corporate events. Whether it’s for a photoshoot, an offsite meeting, or a workation, Landfolk for Business offers a selection of holiday homes that combine beautiful scenery with functionality. These homes are equipped with good workstations, fast Wi-Fi, and are situated in picturesque locations, making them ideal for boosting productivity and creativity outside the typical office environment.

Photoshoot Venues: Landfolk also provides the perfect backdrop for photoshoots. Brands looking for action shots of their products or a new aesthetic for their image can find a range of holiday homes with unique settings. Clients can easily communicate with hosts to arrange the ideal photoshoot setup.

Summer House Makeovers: Demonstrating their commitment to quality and aesthetics, Landfolk ventured into film production with “Summer House Makeovers”. This project showcases their ability to transform holiday homes, enhancing their appeal and functionality.

Through these additional products, Landfolk not only caters to individual vacationers but also meets the diverse needs of businesses, reinforcing its position as a versatile and innovative player in the vacation rental market.


Where Can You Find Landfolk?


Discover Landfolk’s curated collection of over 1,800 holiday homes at


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