Startup of the Week: Let’s Do This

  • Let’s Do This was founded by Sam Browne and Alex Rose.
  • The startup offer a marketplace for users to easily discover and book endurance events.
  • So far, Let’s Do This have raised $21.4 million over 6 funding rounds.


On a mission to get people sharing more incredible endurance experiences, our Startup of the Week for this week is the discovery and booking platform Let’s Do This!

Founded in 2017, Let’s Do This offers a great way for people to both discover and book thousands of different endurance events – using, as the startup claim themselves, “the power of online to get people offline & making moments”.

The platform personalises race recommendations for users based off of their logged fitness tracking, social connections and race history.



Let’s Do This was founded by Cambridge University graduates Sam Browne and Alex Rose. Both Sam and Alex are passionate cyclists and runners but found the process of discovering and entering sports events arduous.

To help make finding events easier for those who shared their passions, the two have grown Let’s Do This into one of the top places for runners, cyclists, triathletes and more to explore and book challenge events – available both in the UK and the US.

Being founded by close friends with a shared passion and frustration, the Let’s Do This team has now grown to include former employees from Google, Facebook, Deliveroo and Oracle, the startup stating “Behind the scenes, we’re an ambitious team that are passionate about inspiring others to take on life-changing challenges. Our team […] inspiring everyone to find and enjoy epic experiences.”

So far, the startup have raised a total $21.4 million over the course of 6 funding rounds, with investors including Usain Bolt and Serena Williams.