Startup Of The Week: Lionsgate Network

  • Lionsgate Network is a digital money recovery service aiding investors in the digital currency space, addressing scams and frauds.
  • The company addresses the challenge of recovering funds in the opaque environment of cryptocurrency investment.
  • Leveraging Israeli cyber intelligence, the firm offers blockchain analysis and legal consultation for fund recovery.



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What is Lionsgate Network?


Lionsgate Network is a digital platform at the forefront of professional fund recovery services within the volatile realm of digital currencies.

Recognising the issue of investment scams and frauds, Lionsgate offers a beacon of hope for investors who have fallen victim to fraud schemes. The company’s foundation rests on Israel’s leading-edge cyber intelligence and blockchain analysis capabilities.

With a track record of success, Lionsgate aims to introduce an independent currency of trust for investors by the end of 2023. The team’s rapid response and commitment to effective solutions shows their dedication to establishing trust and confidence for their clients in the complex world of crypto investing.


Is There a Market for Digital Money Recovery Services?


The digital currency sector is filled with risks, including fraud and scams that leave investors vulnerable. This has created a market for services like those offered by Lionsgate Network. With the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies, which hit a market cap of over $2 trillion in 2021, the potential for losses has escalated, necessitating the existence of recovery services.

Lionsgate exists due to this need, providing a service that not only recovers funds but also reinstates investor confidence.