Startup Of The Week: Lottie

  • Lottie is a digital marketplace connecting care seekers with the UK’s best care homes and retirement communities.
  • The company streamlines the care home search process, providing expert advice and handling every aspect of finding a suitable home.
  • Key offerings include a personalised search tool, expert curation of care homes, and support in comparing and selecting properties.




Lottie Care Home Finder | A Digital Marketplace for Care Homes


What is Lottie?


Lottie offers a unique service focused on helping families and retirees find top-tier care homes and retirement living communities in the UK. As a digital marketplace, Lottie stands out by only featuring the best care homes, ensuring users find a place they’ll love.

The service is comprehensive, taking charge of the entire care-seeking process from personalised searches to expert advice and final selections, all at no cost to the user.


What Makes Lottie Unique?


Lottie distinguishes itself through its blend of advanced technology, extensive data analysis, and expert personal advice. Their technology platform is tailored to simplify the care home search, optimised for both care seekers and providers. It processes millions of data points to match individuals with homes that meet their specific needs, preferences, and budget.

Adding a human touch, Lottie’s team of care experts offers personalised assistance, covering everything from facility research to fee negotiations. This combination of high-tech solutions and expert guidance creates a unique and effective care home finding experience.



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Is there a market for Digital Care Home Marketplaces?


The market for digital care home marketplaces like Lottie is significant and growing. With an aging population, the demand for quality care homes is increasing.

In the UK, over 12 million people are aged 65 and above, highlighting the need for efficient care solutions. Lottie addresses this demand by offering a streamlined, tech-driven approach to finding suitable care homes.

Their service is particularly valuable as it saves time and reduces stress for care seekers, a crucial factor considering that the traditional care home search process can be lengthy and complicated. By offering a platform that combines technology, data, and expert advice, Lottie taps into a market that seeks more than just listings – they want guidance, reliability, and assurance of quality, which is exactly what Lottie provides.


What Sets Lottie Apart from its Competitors?


Lottie’s unique approach to the care home search process sets it apart from competitors. It combines the industry’s most advanced technology platform with a vast pool of data and the expertise of care professionals.

This blend ensures a personalised, efficient, and stress-free experience for users. Additionally, Lottie’s commitment to only featuring the best care homes and offering exclusive rates and benefits like saving users an average of £5,000 per year further distinguishes it in the market.


Where Can You Find Lottie?


Ready to find your dream care home? Visit Lottie’s digital marketplace here:


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