Startup of the Week: Mews

  • Mews was founded in 2012 by Richard Valtr.
  • So far, Mews have raised $41.6 million over 3 rounds.
  • The startup have developed a hospitality management cloud empowering hoteliers to improve their services.


Mews is a hospitality management cloud, its innovative technology empowering hoteliers to improve their services, create better guest experiences and maximise revenue.

The company was founded by Richard Valtr, its CEO Matthijs Welle – both former hoteliers wanting to combine their passion for high-quality service with technology, their mission “to transform an entire industry with cloud solutions that make hospitality more rewarding for everyone.”






Richard first came up with the idea for Mews when in search of cutting-edge software to help him better manage a new hotel in Prague. While what Richard wanted was seemingly straight-forward, he couldn’t find such a service anywhere. The hotelier soon realised the industry was in desperate need for innovation, many of the hotel giants at the time using operating systems from the 80’s.

Noticing this gap in the market, Richard then got to work on creating what he needed – a hotel management system to help him optimise his services.

Today, Mews offers a range of fantastically innovative products, including the following:

  • Mews Operations – a control centre for both front and back office staff, boosting the efficiency of operations.
  • Mews Guest Journey – helping to increase guest engagement and experience with a booking engine, online guest services and a self-service kiosk.
  • Mews Business Intelligence – helping to turn property and guest data into a digestible, valuable report to help hoteliers better evaluate their performance and the areas where they can improve.

Mews have so far raised a total funding amount of $41.6 million over the course of 3 rounds. The latest round announced in August of 2019, a Series B raising $33 million.