Startup of the Week: Motion Nutrition


Our Startup of the Week for this week is Motion Nutrition! A London-based health and wellness  brand that offers supplements to enhance your wellbeing.

Motion Nutrition was founded in 2016 by Joseph Welstead and Charles Matthews. During the time the two met in Stirling, both of the co-founders were involved in professional sports, Welstead competing for the National Scottish Swimming team whilst Matthews ran a sports management agency.

The two were inspired to create their health and wellness brand from the issue many Brits face, doing too much work whilst not getting enough sleep. The startup state: At the core of Joe and Charlie’s approach was the conviction that active lifestyle and sports should not only be about short-term physical gains and aesthetic goals but most importantly focus on the long-term health and every-day enjoyment. Thriving, not striving – they thought it’s what it should be all about… And so Motion was born.”



The startup offer a range of different products to help boost both physical and mental health, including their natural nootropics, (Greek for “mind affecting”), which help to improve a variety of different brain functions, from winding down for sleep with their Night Time Nootropic or powering up for the day with their Day Time Nootropic.

Motion Nutrition’s nootropics are claimed to be a first of their kind, with neuroprotective capabilities focusing to support both mental wellbeing and long-term brain health.

As well as their nootropics, Motion Nutrition also offer both vegan and whey protein, as well as organic sport supplements to enhance workouts in a natural way. The startup not only make their products to be 100% organic, they also use plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging where possible, helping to promote physical and mental health in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way.

Since its launch, the startup has seen impressive growth, with their nootropic supplements now on the shelves of such major retailers as Holland and Barrett and Boots, all whilst increasing its monthly Amazon store revenue from 0 to £18,000 in only 6 months.