Startup Of The Week: Perenna

  • Perenna is a UK-based mission-driven mortgage bank focused on creating happy homeowners and addressing pressing societal issues like housing and climate crises.
  • Perenna aims to alleviate financial worries associated with homeownership by offering long-term fixed-rate mortgages, making homes more affordable and accessible.
  • They offer diverse mortgage products for first-time buyers, retirees, and those looking to remortgage. They also provide green mortgages to reward people who have energy-efficient homes.




Perenna | The only mortgage you'll ever need

What is Perenna


Perenna is a forward-thinking mortgage bank that strives to create a nation of content homeowners. Established by 3 Co-Founders, Perenna distinguishes itself by offering innovative, long-term fixed-rate mortgages.

As a regulated entity by the FCA and the PRA, Perenna assures customers of secure and reliable services. They aim to make homeownership more attainable and sustainable, focusing on first-time buyers, retirement mortgages without age limits, and re-mortgaging solutions.


What Makes Perenna Unique?


Perenna stands out for its unique approach to mortgages. Their main offering is the long-term fixed-rate mortgage, which provides customers with financial stability for up to 40 years. This unique product protects homeowners from fluctuating interest rates, enabling more people to climb the property ladder. Moreover, their commitment to green mortgages incentivises energy-efficient home improvements, aligning homeownership with environmental sustainability.

Perenna’s model, focusing on long-term customer relationships and sustainability, makes them a unique player in the mortgage banking sector.



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Is There a Market for Accessible Mortgage Banking?


The mortgage banking sector is growing, fuelled by the urgent need to address the housing and climate crises. Perenna’s mission aligns perfectly with this trend. The UK faces a significant challenge with millions of homes needing upgrades to achieve net-zero emissions, presenting a substantial market for green mortgages.

Additionally, the housing crisis, made worse by unaffordable homes and a growing population, shows the demand for accessible mortgage solutions. Perenna’s strategy of using covered bonds instead of savings deposits enables them to offer more flexible, long-term mortgages, meeting a critical market need. This approach not only supports the UK’s net-zero goals but also resonates with a broad demographic, including first-time buyers and retirees, seeking financial stability in homeownership.


Where Can You Find Perenna


To learn more about their products and how they can help you secure a home you can afford, visit their website at