Startup of the Week: Shreddy


With the start of the new year and all the health and fitness resolutions that come with it, we thought we’d pick a Startup of the Week that can help you keep them up – Shreddy!

Shreddy aims to offer a no-nonsense solution for lockdowned would-be gym-goers, providing users with workouts that have been tailored specifically towards their goals, as well as meal plans to accompany them.

When entering details into the app, users can pick their fitness goal (whether this is to get strong, maintain muscle, lose weight etc.), how long they have to work out a day and how many days they can work out for. Once the app has factored in all of the user’s relevant details, it will then provide a weekly workout and meal plan. The meal plan is accessible and reasonable, users given a digital shopping list each week with the food they’ll require for meals.



Shreddy was founded by Grace Beverley, a young entrepreneur recognised on multiple occasions for her talents – being the Natwest GBEA Young Entrepreneur of the Year, named in Forbes 30 under 30’s list for retail and e-commerce, as well as being ranked as The Sunday Times’ 26th most influential online creator.

Whilst studying at Oxford University, Beverley was a fitness personality on YouTube and Instagram, now holding over 570,000 YouTube subscribers and 1 million Instagram followers. It was during the second year of her music degree where the young entrepreneur launched B_ND, with TALA (a sustainable activewear shop) and Shreddy to follow.

The Shreddy founder is passionate about sustainability and fitness inclusivity, both values being a driving force in her businesses – with 92% of TALA products being made from recycled materials, while also projecting a body inclusivity to their brand.

Being in itself such a fantastic product, and alongside Beverley’s numerous entrepreneurial accolades, could Shreddy become the fitness solution for our third national lockdown?