Startup of the Week: Signal AI

  • Signal AI provides media monitoring, market intelligence gathering, regulatory compliance support and reputation management for businesses.
  • The startup was founded in 2013 by David Benigson and Miguel Martinez.
  • So far, the company has raised over $49.5 million in investment from four funding rounds.


Signal AI provides an AI-powered platform, helping businesses with media monitoring, market intelligence gathering, regulatory compliance support and reputation management.

Through the startups artificial intelligence solutions, businesses can extract, surface and analyse hyper-relevant information in real-time from millions of global sources. It helps to take the strain out of various different processes, optimising the way in which the PR and communications of a business are run – providing them with the information they need when they need it, quickly and simply.



Signal AI state that: Information is now created, communicated, and consumed on an industrial scale. We started Signal AI to aggregate content from billions of sources from an array of channels for audiences around the world and around-the-clock. The speed, diversity and volume of information is overwhelming. The key is to discover and extract the best information at the right time from the most reliable sources. That’s why we built our business.”


Humble Beginnings


Like some of the most well-known tech giants across the globe (Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google) Signal AI started in a garage. This garage was in North London, the owners of it (co-founder David Benigson’s parents) not only having kindly offered the space, but also acting as inspiration for the startup’s initial idea.

The Benigson family’s executive search business sent out a regular newsletter email. Finding the most recent, relevant and most reliable sources of information for this newsletter came to be laborious – from this struggle sprung the idea to automate such processes through the use of AI.


Signal AI Today


To date, Signal AI has raised more than $49.5 million in investment over the course of four funding rounds. Its investors include the likes of Redline Capital, Hearst Ventures, Local Globe, GMG Ventures and more.

In 2018, the startup expanded over the US, gaining traction with a New York offering while its APAC expansion by this time was already well underway.

During March of this year, Signal AI also launched a service to both track and filter information surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, helping to empower companies to make more informed market-related decisions.