Startup Of The Week: Space Hero

  • Space Hero is a first of its kind global media start-up that operates at the intersection of space, media, technology, and entertainment.
  • The mission of Space Hero is to democratise access to space by highlighting its relevance to everyday life through entertainment, immersive experiences, and education.
  • Space Hero was established in 2019 by Thomas Reemer, based just outside of Berlin and Ibiza resident Deborah Sass. The company now has partners in more than 70 countries.

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What is Space Hero?

With partners in more than 70 countries, Space Hero has emerged as a pioneering force since it was established in 2019 by Thomas Reemer and Deborah Sass. The mission of Space Hero is to democratise access to space by highlighting its relevance to everyday life through entertainment, immersive experiences, and education.

At the core of Space Hero’s vision is the creation of a platform where millions of individuals can unite to vote for their aspiring “Space Hero.” The chosen candidate will undergo rigorous training as a citizen astronaut and embark on a ground-breaking five-day mission aboard a yet-to-be-named spacecraft, orbiting the Earth.

Season 1 of the competition will follow the journey of 24 applicants, gradually narrowing down to the final three participants. The entire process will be documented and shared globally through a series of live shows, featuring missions and challenges that replicate aspects of astronaut training.

“The goal of space is not limited to exploration and discovery; it lies in the stewardship of our planet. Through venturing into space, we gain the knowledge and influence necessary to effect positive change back on Earth. We strive to provide everyone with a voice and the ability to shape our future. Space, the final frontier, offers an unprecedented opportunity to achieve this and benefit all of humanity.”

Thomas Reemer, Co-Founder and CEO at Space Hero


Why did the company start?

The underlying motivation behind Space Hero’s endeavours stems from the recognition that the space industry, although integral to the future of civilisation, remains largely inaccessible to ordinary people. By actively working to change this paradigm, Space Hero strives to bridge the gap between space and society.

Space is not merely a scientific frontier but also a cultural phenomenon, intersecting with fields like music, fashion, art, medicine, and emerging technologies. With an estimated applicant pool of over 2 million and a follower base exceeding 100 million, Space Hero will also serve as an educational platform. The company aims to bring together people from more than 100 nations, fostering peer-to-peer initiatives that facilitate cross-cultural learning and collaborative problem-solving to address the challenges faced by humanity.


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What innovations does the company have?

One of the key innovations made available to Space Hero is the daily live-streaming technology that enables constant communication between the chosen Space Hero and their followers. This unprecedented access to space travel will revolutionise the way people from diverse backgrounds around the world engage with and perceive the possibilities of space exploration.

Space Hero aims to redefine the narrative surrounding space travel, making it accessible and tangible for all, rather than a distant fantasy. The selected Space Hero will become an ambassador for both the company and humanity itself, symbolising hope and inspiration in a time when our civilisation needs it most.

Looking ahead, Space Hero envisions expanding its impact through spin-off competitions. These future endeavours will aim to identify candidates for space travel across various domains, such as sports, individuals with disabilities, and the younger generation (Gen Z). By broadening the scope of space-related initiatives, Space Hero seeks to foster inclusivity and empower individuals from all walks of life to become active participants in shaping the future of space exploration.


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