Startup of the Week – StoryTerrace


London-based StoryTerrace is a startup with a passion for story-telling. The company uses unique software alongside help from its 600-strong network of professional ghostwriters to help turn client’s life stories into books, personalised and available in hardback and e-book format.

Founded in 2014 by Rutger Bruining, the founder was inspired to start StoryTerrace after reminiscing about the life stories his grandfather used to tell him. Bruining claimed “My grandfather told the most amazing stories”

“It was only years later that I realized the adventures of my grandparents had never been documented in any way. I couldn’t recall the details of the stories that I had imagined so vividly back in years past. If only I had written them down!”

Wishing he’d documented his grandfather’s stories, Bruining promised himself that he wouldn’t let the same thing happen to his own. With this promise, and a desire to help other families hold onto the stories of their own ancestors, StoryTerrace was born!



Those wanting a personalised memoir of either theirs or a loved-one’s life can now do so with StoryTerrace’s professional ghostwriters. When first starting the process, customers will be matched with one of these writers, after which they’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire designed to bring up memories for the book. This questionnaire is to help jog customer’s memories before meeting with their writer.

During this meeting, the customer will discuss their most important events in life. After this, the writer will then develop and propose a structure for the story before getting to work on the one-of-a-kind biography. A fixed price is paid to have the book created.

Once ensured that the book is of a high-quality by the startup’s in-house editorial team, it is then delivered to the customer and enjoyed by them and their loved-ones.

So far, StoryTerrace has raised a total £1.1 million in funding over the course of four funding rounds. The startup also have offices in London as well as Los Angeles, and has appeared on BBC’s Dragons’ Den.

StoryTerrace has currently documented over a thousand lives through its network of 600 ghostwriters, helping ordinary people to recapture the most treasured moments of their life in the most extraordinary way.