Startup Profile: Airly


You’ve probably seen countless companies claiming to make private jets affordable to everyone.  The problem is, they charge upfront fees of around £17k or apply high markups to enable such prices. Not so affordable is it?
Luke, the co-founder of Airly, grew up in aviation from the young age of 14. From then onwards, he came to value the benefits of flying privately and now wants to see more people, on more jets, more often.
What is Airly?
Airly provides affordable private jet experiences, so you too can have access to luxury travel.
In short, the team at Airly have a true focus on enabling anyone who earns the average wage the opportunity to fly on a private jet without having to remortgage their house in order to pay the price.
They’ve been doing this successfully in Australia since July 2017, attracting over 2500 users and gaining solid month-on-month revenue growth.  But the best part for the team at Airly is that they’ve flown 180+ members and their guests on a private jet: something they all admitted they initially thought was out of reach.

The team behind Airly!
Airly have been slowly making moves in the UK but 2018 is the year they intend to really make the push.  They always have around 50 heavily reduced one-way flights listed on their platform (which makes booking the jet simple, seamless and stress-free) and intend to introduce their transparent and low fees on-demand and event-centric shared flights this year.

Some examples of their discounted one-way journeys are:

  • London to Paris for £2,625 (for the whole 8 seat jet)
  • London to Manchester for £840 (for the whole 8 seat jet)
  • Cannes to London for £591 per person
  • Sion to London for £669 per person

Airly pride themselves on refusing to charge their members a small fortune for the privilege of flying privately; their charge is £19 per month for access to their services.
Dedicated to keeping up with technological advancements, Airly accepts credit cards, WeChat Pay and will soon be accepting Bitcoin as payment.
If you are interested in the innovative service offered by Airly, visit them by clicking here!