Startup Profile: FirstPoint Mobile Guard

  • Delivers a holistic cellular security solution, providing organizations with comprehensive protection for any mobile, IoT, or IIoT device.
  • Completely unobtrusive, seamless, and frictionless.
  • Protects businesses, infrastructure, fleets, smart cities, financial services, governments, and military against espionage, surveillance, sabotage, data hacking, eavesdropping, fake cell towers, and other mobile device-focused attacks.


About FirstPoint Mobile Guard

FirstPoint co-founders Dror Fixler and Adam Weinberg recognized that the cellular security space needed an overhaul. Solutions were patchy or incomplete, fixing one security threat flawlessly but leaving gaps and keeping subscribers and devices open to risk. Enterprises and MNOs were being forced to onboard multiple security solutions to meet the shortfall, many of which slowed down the devices, impacted service, or were not fit for technology such as IoT, IIoT or 5G.




Dror and Adam knew they were onto something when they developed the FirstPoint Mobile Guard platform, which secures any SIM- or eSIM-based device, anywhere, against cellular network-specific attacks, without integration or user intervention.

Today, FirstPoint has created the most powerful and holistic security solution in the cellular security space. Fully funded, backed by the recognition and confidence of both a corporate venture capital fund and highly accomplished private investors, FirstPoint is proud to be working with partners around the world to deliver a single vendor relationship that secures any and all cellular devices at the network level.


How It Works

FirstPoint Mobile Guard detects, alerts, and blocks malicious activity on any cellular network-based device – mobile phone, IoT, or IIoT, with real-time alerting. The solution analyzes mobile communications, applying predefined security rules and organization-controlled policies. The software filters and analyzes the signaling and data traffic to ensure threats don’t get through.

The technology provides a secure cellular gateway. As a network-based solution, the service is invisible to the user, maintains a natural user experience, and doesn’t impact battery consumption or require any software installations or user-level updating. Any and all updating is done at the network level, ensuring quick turnaround in protection from new threats. Organizations (CISOs) manage all devices (mobile phones and IoT) in one central platform to view a holistic view of their cellular cybersecurity, with full customization of security and notification policies per device or group.


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At the device level, the service is provided by registering with the operator and with the option of installing a SIM applet over the air (or with a new SIM card) for enhanced mobile identity anonymity.

FirstPoint Mobile Guard technology is offered in partnership with mobile network operators, IoT service providers, and private networks.

The solution – available in UICC (SIM, MicroSIM, NanoSIM), or for eUICC/eSIM – blocks suspicious IPs, SMSs, URLs within SMSs, blocks keywords, senders, sources, types of messages/data, and collects logs for forensic analysis. It acts as universal mobile firewall and continuously updates using external and internal threat intelligence sources.


FirstPoint in 2021

Named Startup of The Year by Mobile Breakthrough Awards in 2020, FirstPoint Mobile Guard entered 2021 by embarking on a joint project with the World Bank to provide cybersecurity knowledge and training to employees of electric transmission and distribution organizations in the Balkans. FirstPoint previously collaborated with the World Bank in building its 5G lab. In this latest partnership, FirstPoint has analyzed the cyber needs of infrastructure companies in ten Balkan nations on behalf of the World Bank in an attempt to protect these critical infrastructures from espionage, theft, and damage.