Startup Profile: Internxt

Founder: Fran Villalba Segarra


Internxt is an open-source, blockchain-based cloud storage service empowering users to store and share files privately and securely via end-to-end encryption. Internxt is a cloud storage service with a conscience. Its mission is to provide safe, secure, and affordable online storage while promoting and preserving the fundamental human right to privacy.

The user is not the product. Marketing their service as a high-quality tool, Internxt turns the present-day tech business model upside down, shunning ad money and the sale of user information.

The service is open-source and runs on a blockchain, providing transparency to users while also ensuring anonymity and safety. Internxt is seeking to create a new industry standard by choosing to do cloud storage the right way, employing zero-knowledge technology and end-to-end encryption.

Working to make Web3 a reality, the company splits its time between advancing its services and educating the public on digital privacy rights. While most companies prioritise the present and quick returns, Internxt is built on a rock-solid user-first foundation and looking to a brighter future.

Internxt is a Spain-based cloud storage company. Open-source and built on blockchain, Internxt utilises end-to-end encryption to ensure user privacy and security. Dedicated to the advancement of digital privacy rights, the service is designed for Web3 and operates a business model shunning ad revenue and the sale of user information.

About Internxt

Internxt was founded in 2020 by Fran Villalba Segarra in response to the growing amount of privacy violations and data breaches enveloping the cloud storage industry.

Currently, very few truly safe and secure options are available on the market and almost all require a huge amount of trust from a user. Internxt was created to advance the application of zero-knowledge technology and was designed, from the very beginning, with the user’s fundamental right to privacy in mind.

Prioritising ease of use, simplicity, and user safety, the service succeeds in offering a familiar experience on the surface with the added benefits of iron-clad security and company transparency. Internxt is a cloud with a conscience.

How Does Internxt Work?

By constructing their service on blockchain, enabling end-to-end encryption, remaining open-source, and sticking to a zero-trust philosophy, Internxt aims to set a new standard for cloud storage.

Internxt can be accessed on any device and operating system and functions much like many similar cloud storage applications. You can upload and share all sorts of files: docs, pdfs, photos, and more. The service sets itself apart not by what it does, but by how it does it.

Traditional storage services take the data you upload in the exact form you upload it in and transfer it to a server (or servers) often kept in a centralised location. This makes these servers a prime target for hackers and cybercriminals, and once they get access, your information is easy to view. Another issue with traditional clouds is that users have very little control over what providers do with their data and very few ways to hold companies accountable.

Instead, Internxt provides the service of encrypting users’ uploaded data and disseminating it across a vast peer-to-peer network. By encrypting data, the information is scrambled beyond recognition, and only the user (not even Internxt) has the key to unscramble and access their information.

This is all registered on a blockchain, making the service more transparent and less prone to outages and data loss. The service is also open-source, so users have no need to trust Internxt, they can check the code for any malicious intentions.

Digital Privacy & Security

Looking forward to Web3, Internxt is organised for a future internet that returns agency and power to individual users as opposed to large tech companies today. A better cloud is just the start.

Internxt’s mission to create a more safe, ethical, and equitable webspace that respects individual rights drives all company decisions headlong into the future. Practicing what they preach, Internxt also works on promoting and educating users regarding their rights, building tech awareness, and helping people to better protect themselves online.