Startup Profile: Medimatch

  • Medimatch is a healthcare talent matching start-up that is based in London.
  • The ultimate aim of Medimatch is to empower healthcare professionals when it comes to their job search. Professionals can be matched to their perfect position.
  • The Medimatch platform hosts a nurse advocacy programme to help professionals find contacts who can provide them with their experience and advice.


About Medimatch

Medimatch was founded by Philip Braham, who wanted to create the first marketplace that focused on UK healthcare recruitment. The main focus of Medimatch is to provide healthcare professionals with opportunities that can help them build their careers. To do this, Medimatch uses algorithmic matching software to help recruiters and employees find each other. Not only does this end the slow means of scrolling through endless job advertisements, but applicants can find work that they are truly passionate about. 

Medimatch truly combines the world of technology with healthcare. It uses algorithms to help medical professionals build up their profiles. That way, they can be matched with the appropriate healthcare provider and employer. One of its main aims is to empower healthcare workers, especially nurses. This is why the website has also created a nurse advocacy programme. The programme offers advice to those who need it.




How does Medimatch work?

Medimatch allows healthcare professionals to sign up to their website to get started on finding the perfect job for them. Not only is Medimatch completely free to sign up to, but it can offer free support from fellow nurses and show what salary nurses and healthcare professionals could be entitled to. 

Once you sign up to Medimatch, it will ask you a number of questions about your current employment status. This includes whether or not you are based in the UK, what type of healthcare professional you are, and your contact details. From there, you will be able to be matched with job options that you can consider. 


Recruiters & Medimatch

Recruiters are a vital part when it comes to the success of Medimatch. Not only is Medimatch run by professional healthcare workers, but they can offer advice, support and encouragement for those who are struggling to find work or their place within the UK healthcare system. 

Recruiters can sign up to Medimatch and advertise their vacancy. Within a few minutes, a shortlist will be created for them to consider. They can then interview the candidates and pick their favourite. This way, the fuss can be taken out of the job search and it will be easier to find the perfect candidate for their team. 


What is the main aim of Medimatch?

Medimatch aims to take the frustration out of the job search. Healthcare can be a competitive industry. It can be frustrating to those who are looking for new work. It’s fairer to have an algorithm pick the best candidates. This way, healthcare recruiters can find those they need to fill a role without judgement. 

Equality is important for any industry, and Medimatch intends to bring back the humanity to the healthcare industry.