Startup Profile: Meeko

Meeko is the solution to your remote team expansion needs. Built on a foundation of transparency, ongoing support, and community, Meeko offers a unique approach to sourcing and managing offshore talent. Unlike traditional recruitment agencies, Meeko acts as the bridge between your business and a fully-equipped co-working space in Kyiv, Ukraine, tapping into the region’s abundant tech talent pool.





Meeko’s Story


Meeko originated from a division of Lucidica, a leading IT support provider in London since 2005.

Recognising the need to expand rapidly while reducing costs, Meeko’s founders turned to offshore hiring in Ukraine. Through trial and error, they navigated the complexities of foreign employment law and taxation to successfully hire their first offshore employee. Inspired by their own experiences, Meeko was born to simplify the process for other businesses seeking to leverage offshore talent.


Meeko’s Core Values


  1. Transparency: Meeko operates with complete transparency, ensuring that clients always pay the lowest possible price without any hidden fees
  2. Ongoing Support: Meeko takes care of the technical, legal, and management aspects associated with offshore teams, making your life easier and more efficient
  3. Community: Meeko fosters a positive and supportive work environment where employees feel connected, engaged, and part of the larger Meeko family


Why Ukraine?


Meeko’s headquarters may be in London, but its fully-equipped co-working space in Kyiv, Ukraine, serves as the hub for sourcing top-tier talent. Ukraine offers several advantages for offshore hiring, including:

  • Thriving Tech Scene: Ukraine boasts a thriving tech and startup ecosystem, with a wealth of talent and innovative ideas
  • Abundance of Talent: The country’s tech talent pool is rich and diverse, providing access to skilled professionals for various roles
  • Time Zone Advantage: With a time zone just two hours ahead of London, communication and collaboration are seamless
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Operating costs in Ukraine are approximately 80% lower than those in London, making it an attractive destination for businesses looking to optimise their budgets

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