Startup Profile: Níyó Enterprise

Níyó Enterprise is an ecosystem of a group of technology organisations that was founded by Oyinkansola Adebayo in 2018 and is dedicated to using innovative hair, beauty, technology and community development tools to economically empower lives and break the vicious cycle of poverty, particularly underserved by Black women through sustainable creative technology enterprises. These enterprises deliver valuable services powered by innovation and technology.

Níyó Enterprise is currently made up of two brands: Níyó Hair & Beauty, and Níyó Network. Niyo Hair and Beauty is the beauty brand under the Níyó ecosystem. Powered by innovative training, immersive technology and an empowering community. Níyó Hair and Beauty aims to be the strongest global beauty ecosystem with various functions that ensures quality beauty services are enabled and delivered whilst Níyó Network exists to increase the career prospects and business prospects of Black women through technology and accelerator bootcamps.


Oyinkansola Adebayo
Oyinkansola Adebayo, Founder & CEO of Níyó Enterprise


“As an organisation, success for us is seeing women who would normally suffer economically be completely empowered by creating their own disruptive sustainable enterprises with a social mission or employed and making impact socially at Níyó Enterprise or a technology driven organisation of their choice and ultimately achieving and exceeding their utmost potential.”


What challenges have you faced?

As a startup, Níyó Enterprise has faced challenges in empowering Black women in technology due to the limited opportunities that were available to start with. As well as the challenges in being able to create and build a team in a fast-growing organisation. It can prove difficult to find individuals that align effectively to the vision and can deliver results that are desirable for where the organisation is heading.



What can we hope to see from Níyó in the future?

Our growth plans for Níyó Enterprise in the future is to scale from having 3 bootcamps within just the West Midlands and Gloucestershire to run global bootcamps for women in Africa, America, Europe and Asia and also having 7 hairstylists to over 45 stylists serving our customers.

We also want to raise investment to build a Níyó Network Edtech platform in Africa, America and Europe in these three continents due to the impact and demand we can build or already have. In regards to Níyó Hair and Beauty, we want to build innovative technology that is governed by transforming the bad experience in the industry to providing an effective solution that will allow a better experience to be achieved. For example, we are using a virtual assistant feature powered by machine learning (AI) and blockchain technology to be able to solve the major problem of suggesting new styles to clients based on their preferences and behaviour.

The app will be the uber-fiction of 2-way marketplace apps (web booking and admin backend with AI trained beauty consultant). Additionally, this platform powered by AI/ML, blockchain technology and augmented reality will simplify and reward the interaction, buying and decision-making process of customers booking and buying hair and beauty products and services on demand from pros at the comfort of their homes. Stylists will now be able to get paid when a customer ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ on their work.


Níyó Enterprise


Níyó Enterprise aims to revolutionise the way the hair and beauty industry will operate by using technology to foster a better service and experience for all of our community of customers.