Startup Profile: NumberEight


NumberEight is a UK-based contextual intelligence platform for mobile devices that predicts user context through mobile sensors to deliver the right content at the right time.

About NumberEight

Founded in 2016 by Abhishek Sen and Chris Watts, NumberEight offers on-device mobile AI software that enable content providers to deliver personalised experiences to mobile users in real-time, using mobile sensors. Their software development kit (SDK) consists of a platform that gathers data from different smartphone sensors and processes it to create accurate predictions of a user’s environment and interactions. By combining advanced context recognition, artificial intelligence and signal processing techniques, the platform can produce more than 100 contextual insights – such as “travelling to work on a bicycle” – to provide client mobile apps with real-time behavioural and situational consumer insights.

The predictions offered by the software happen instantly and come together from data collected from the user’s mobile apps and the way these are being used. NumberEight allows customers to understand how and when their mobile apps are being used. The platform has a privacy-focused design that enables the best user experience, with minimal latency, even within more restrictive regulations. All data gathered from the mobile sensors is kept on the device it originally came from and it gets discarded once processed. Plus, GPS usage is optional and the software does not access any camera or microphone data.

Hyper Personalisation As An Essential Product Feature

“We are living at a time when simply having access to content is not good enough: there is too much choice,” argues CEO and co-founder Abhishek Sen. “App owners have to decide whether they want their users to mindlessly navigate buttons and menus to access the right content, or to deliver empathetic and seamless experiences where only the most contextually relevant content is automatically served.”

User Privacy As A Key Value

“User privacy was at the heart of our decisions from day one. The common approach of collecting bulk user data for analysis in the cloud introduces difficult consent issues, so we instead researched new algorithms that allow this advanced technology to work on humble consumer phone hardware. The result is an easy-to-use platform where sensor data never leaves the user’s device, and privacy is preserved,” says co-founder and CTO Chris Watts.

NumberEight – Latest News

NumberEight has recently closed a €2 million seed funding round led by Nauta Capital that will support the development of its patent-pending technology. The fresh investment will also be used to hire new talent, especially in the engineering and commercial departments, and to accelerate the company’s business growth. For now, the company will keep focusing on the £120 billion media and entertainment market, from music streaming and online radio to mobile gaming and advertising.