Startup Profile: Streetbees

By Mirianna la Grasta | @mirilagrasta

Streetbees is a global intelligence platform that allows customers to gather data and insights from people and communities around the world. The London-based startup was founded in 2015 by Tugce Bulut and Oliver May. It offers market research by using Artificial Intelligence and geolocation technology.

About Streetbees

London-based Streetbees is an intelligence platform that uses AI and geolocation technology to analyse real-life moments from around the world, revealing how people behave and why they behave in a certain way. The service merges market research and tech to collect data from its worldwide users and provide its customers with complete insights into the market of their choice. Current CEO Tugce Bulut, who had previously worked as a strategy consultant for several consumer companies, came up with the idea after years of struggling to find quality data for market research. Streetbees collects its data from more than 3.4 million users – which it calls “bees” – across 87 countries.

The “bees” share their daily moments on the chat-style Streetbees app, through text, photos and videos, providing the platform with as much information as they like. Streetbees then analyses the users’ behaviour, including what they do, why they do it, what they may do in the future, and what pushes them to act in a certain way, and it does so with the help of natural language processing technology.

What Customers Get

Streetbees’ purpose is to provide customers and companies around the world with real-time, updated insights into people and communities’ habits around the world, at an affordable cost, so they can understand evolving, new and unfamiliar markets and make more cautious, data-backed, business decisions. The platform works directly with its customers to ensure its market research questions are correctly addressed, and the right “bees” are targeted for the study.

Streetbees performs identity verification on every single user, as well as human cross-checks on all the data the bees upload onto the app. They then deliver results and insights taken from quantitative data and picture analysis. The company has already worked with major brands on a global scale, including large consumer goods companies like L’Oreal, Pepsi and Unilever.


Streetbees has raised a total of $17.1M (£14M) in funding and is backed by world-renowned investors, including Atomico, BGF Ventures, LocalGlobe, and Octopus Ventures. Its latest Series-A funding round of $12M (£9.1M) was led by Atomico.