Startup Profile: Tattoodo

  • Tattoodo is a global tattoo marketplace dedicated to ensuring accessibility and quality for all.
  • It was founded by Johan Plenge, and backed by Danish football captains Daniel Agger, Simon Kjær, and tattoo industry legend Ami James.
  • Tattoodo boasts 184,000 users and successfully raised €806,331 through a crowdfunding campaign.



About Tattoodo


Tattoodo is a revolutionary global tattoo marketplace, striving to democratise the tattooing experience. In a rapidly evolving industry with over 3,000 tattoo studios and 10,000 artists across the UK, Tattoodo simplifies the daunting task of finding the perfect tattoo and artist.
Founded by Johan Plenge, supported by industry luminaries like Ami James and Daniel Agger, Tattoodo has emerged as the world’s largest tattoo marketplace and the most downloaded tattoo app. Serving as a bridge connecting clients with ideal artists, Tattoodo breaks down barriers to accessibility and ensures a seamless and exceptional tattoo experience for enthusiasts worldwide.



How Does it Work?


Tattoodo operates as a user-friendly marketplace, leveraging cutting-edge technology and AI to simplify the process of finding and booking the right artist. With a carefully curated selection of over 3,000 tattoo studios and 10,000 artists, the platform ensures quality and accessibility for users. By facilitating connections between clients and verified quality artists, Tattoodo’s mission is to demystify the world of tattoos and empower individuals to embark on their tattoo journey with confidence.


Success of Tattoodo


Tattoodo’s recent crowdfunding campaign, launched on January 10th, 2024, is a testament to its inspiring redemption journey. The campaign, which raised an impressive €806,331 from 184 investors before the campaign was even completed, garnered substantial support within the first 12 hours. This swift backing reflects the enthusiasm and belief in Tattoodo’s mission to digitise the tattoo experience.
Since the strategic restructuring in October 2022, Tattoodo has experienced remarkable growth, averaging a 25% month-over-month increase. The platform generated $1.3 million in artist revenue Year-To-Date, up to September 23, 2023.By joining the campaign, backers not only shape the industry but also gain access to unique experiences and perks within the Tattoodo community.
The campaign, which is still available here, garnered substantial support within the first 12 hours and has raised an impressive €815,673 from 202 investors so far.